Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perk myself up?!

Well, today I had a mole removed from my left leg. It will be sent for a biopsy. In 1 week I will go back to have the 4 stitches removed. I also will try taking my pills again for my acid reflux. I thought it was the pills hurting my stomach but it turns out it is a virus of some sort. We think Cameron was suffering that. And perhaps Catie. So, I am going to try again for a week. And report back to him with how they are helping/not helping. 

Anyways. I was looking at my blog. It is so boring. So boring and blah. Maybe that is why I do not feel like doing much with it.

So, I know I have lots of readers out there...and I was wondering if anybody has an idea of where I could 'revamp' it?! For low $$ to free would be good. The look of it does not reflect who I am I do not think. 

It needs a pick me up. So do I.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, it is Thursday morning. After a tooth incident with Claire, and a stomach troubles this week with Cameron. It has been a week let me say.

I am anticipating the wedding of my little sister Amy to her Tyler on Saturday. I was chosen by my sis to be her Matron of Honour. What an honour! I have never been a Matron or Maid of honour before. I have been a Bridesmaid a couple of times. So, I am extremely happy! I cannot wait for their big day on Saturday.

Tonight we have the rehearsal, all of the kids are playing a part in their big day. All of my girls are wearing beautiful white dresses and walking down the isle with their cousin Abby! (will they keep them clean??!) Cameron is helping escort Kayla (daughter of Tyler) down the isle as she carries the rings. We pick the tuxes up etc. tomorrow. We need to pack, we need to get organized. I have a speech to write (I am procrastinating here on Blogger LOL) The girls get their hair all done on Saturday, I will already be at the destination with my sisters.  We have a night in a penthouse suite the night before the wedding, and we are going for manicures and pedicures together and having a big old sleep over together. It will be a great night together I am sure! Then Saturday is the big day! Sunday, we have a brunch with the newlyweds, family and friends. I am more excited than how I felt for my very own wedding. And, well I am not pregnant, and hardly breastfeeding and I am looking forward to cutting it loose and having a great night!! 

My sister and Tyler are the dream couple (can you say the fairytale romance!!), and I am just so happy for them both! TRUE LOVE. They are each others lobster (remember that episode of Friends?!)

Anyways. I have a million and one things to do today, and over the weekend. All good of course! There is just so much good stuff to celebrate this 2009. Last year was such a bad downer for our family, and this year has so much promise! All of the Obama goodness in the states. Everything just seems rosy! LOVE that!

Happy Day to you all! I have a speech to write!

I don't think I will get much posting done, as I am going to shut the computer off for the whole weekend (Eeek!) so I will update next week for sure!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Summary

Last night was my sister Amy's Stagette! April is on the left (she is the middle sis) Amy of course, in the middle (she is the baby of the family) and then I am on the right (the big sis)
Where have I been?

I had some photos taken of myself last weekend.

Well, I went ice skating with my son Cameron and my Dad aka Papa (school fieldtrip) and we had a good afternoon at the arena together.

And, a birthday shout out to my cousin Andrea who had a birthday a couple of days ago ;D! Happy Birthday!!!

And then last night (see photo above)  I was out celebrating with my sister Amy who gets married in one WEEK today! We went to the Giggle Dam for some drinks and some laughs! A whole lot of laughs actually! It was nice to meet Amy's work friends Natasha and Jolene. And my Mom was there, and of course the three sisters ;D

I know my cheeks are still hurting from last night! I laughed so hard! As did the rest of us! A great place to have some fun together! I highly recommend it ;D

And of course, madly doing last minute things to prepare for my role of Matron of Honour at the wedding! I have a speech to write!! Woo!

It has been busy, but so worth every second!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today is Monday

This morning, we took Courtney in for her '12 month shots' even though she is four days away from 14 months.  (4 of them--two in each leg) and she did pretty good. She had a hard time of course, but she stopped crying right after they were done. My doc says that most kids would still be crying at that point. We said she is a toughie because she is number six. She was weighed and measured too. She weighs in at 21 pounds (something--yah yah sixth child LOL) 30" long and a large coconut around 18". She is doing great! She will go back for the next set of shots in July (six months from today)

Time to get her a 5 point harness seat (and return the infant seat (boo hoo) to my sister.) I am holding onto all of the baby stuff so that *hopefully* I will one day be an Aunty Cathy again. So, I will wait a bit to see who gets pregnant and they will gain a whole lot of awesome baby gear that is for sure. I don't think I can hold onto it much longer because looking at it makes me feel very sad to see it all sitting there. So, it will have to go. I need to move on from babyhood. Savouring each moment with each of my kids who are ALL growing up so fast.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my husband is puking

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two for Caroline


If you want to read, scroll down!


Well, this morning she sat on the toilet and made a big 'ol poop. Yes she did! SHE WAS SO PROUD! The whole family came to look in the toilet bowl, and then we all high fived her! We are moving forward. We are almost at having one final child in diapers. (that would be Courtney) It seems that Caroline just may be the earliest to be 'trained' by that I mean letting herself guide us when she is ready. We learned the hard way not to push our kids to train. Or to rush them, or do crazy charts etc. We have found that not making it an 'issue' rather something we talk about EVERY  DIAPER change. It seems to be working. Oh we are so relaxed five kids into this whole process! It feels good to be able to relax over this whole training process. Caroline is going to be three in the beginning of May. She also sleeps in her crib (LOVES IT) but as I said in an earlier post, we are looking at a bed/beds. Not sure what just yet. Everything is working the way it should be. Right on Caroline time!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Snow Day!

Today the kids were supposed to go back to school, but because our van is not the best in the snow, and the roads are a mess. I called in today. It has been a nice day so far. We 'played' school. We practiced our letters, and some numbers. We helped Catie write her name (get her ready for Kindergarten in September!)

And yesterday, Caroline woke up dry. So, I asked her if she wanted to go pee on the toilet. Yes she says. I plop her on the toilet, run the water. Leave. I listen from outside of the door. And 'tinkle' she went. We high fived, we gave her a piece of chocolate. She did again. Then we went to IKEA. She wore a diaper. She pooped in the diaper. Then little poop in the toilet later in the day. Yay Caroline.

So, she is making the connection, now we sit back and wait for her to tell us when she is ready. She felt pretty proud. We are proud of her.

Anyways yesterday we went to IKEA. We took MIL, and the kids. All nine of us walked through the whole store. We were looking at beds. I am considering putting my two gals (Catie and Caroline in a double or queen size bed together) The kids were well behaved for the most part, and they enjoyed climbing all over the beds. So, MIL bought them McDonalds (taken home to eat---didn't want to push our luck)

Anyways, it has been a nice (unexpected) weekend and day.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Umm...Day 4 and making changes to my resolutions already.

I think I have a Starbucks addiction, and I cannot go without. I don't treat myself to very much, and either does Cliff. I have had Starbucks twice in the last four days. 

Yesterday, a no fat no whip mocha (paid by lotto winnings--don't get too excited it was only 25 dollars) and then today our lovely Barista (Adam--knows us by first name LOL) bought ours for us tonight. 

So, if we use Airmiles to cash in for a gift card, or somebody treats us then fine, I will have Starbucks. I will not PAY for Starbucks for the next six months.

Ahhh. I feel better already. That tea thing was really good. I cannot wait to have another one! I cannot pronounce it, and I myself would not be a great Barista, but I like to taste their lovely creations. It is our new fave! 

Thursday, January 01, 2009

We partied like it was 1999!

We got out last night! It was a very fun evening! We brought sushi, we brought drinks...we danced, we laughed we brought in the new year with silly hats, noise makers  and the white snow!

Thank you to Robert and Laura for inviting us to this super fun New Years Eve dance party! We look forward to Halloween!!

Basement dance floor complete with awesome playlist, drinks, shooters made in chocolate shot glasses, champagne punch, and a smoke machine! It was fabulous! 

Cliff getting down on the dance floor! My Cliffie still has the moves that made me fall in love with him! 

Happy 2009! 

Cliff groovin!

Love on the Dance Floor!


It was so nice to catch up with old neighbourhood friends, and family. To get out. The last time we got out on a New Years was the year I found I was pregnant with Carly. She was born in August 2002. You do the math. Prior to that, was in 1999! Seriously! The millennium we went to the Hyatt in Downtown Vancouver!

We had a blast! Happy New Year!!

The 28th of December

We had the family over on the 28th for our annual 'boxing day extravaganza' which means appies, our gift exhange and some drinks. The kids played it was nice. We didn't take much in the way of pix. I know my family did, so check their blogs. 

Above is cousin Abby, and Coco playing together. 

Some more on Christmas Day

Self portraits

Electric Snowflake...

The sunshine actually came out and it was beautiful! I called Cliff over to look at this sight! It was breathtaking!

Real and Fake

The snow on Christmas Day!

I would have to say out of all of the kids, Caroline was the happiest out in the cold. She would plunk herself in the snow and just delight in the white stuff all around her. She embraced the snow, the other kids not as happy in the snow. But the enjoyed it! 

Caroline and Carly sitting on the back of Cliff's work truck. He had to take it home because our street was so bad that he couldn't rely on his Dad's old car. He got picked up by a work buddy with 4 wheel thank goodness!

Here is Claire and Cameron able to touch the top of our tree... in the yard! Crazy  snow piles!

Sisters Claire and Carly hanging out (they the best of friends, and then the worst of friends!) But they are great sisters together. I love to see their friendship develop like that! 

OK, there is a story behind my get up. Yes, that is my leg...wearing my fake uggs from Payless.  AND what is with those green pool hall pants?! Well it was a joke actually. They are Cliff's old pj bottoms. In our town, everybody and their dog wears PJ's outside, and out in public. What an UGLY trend!! So, just in fun (and because I didn't feel like getting dressed I took his from the clean laundry and doubled up over my PJ pants) so we took a few photos of me. Cliff got some new PJ's that are MUCH nicer. Those were a bargain, can you tell why LOL.

The funny thing about these pants is that the neighbours were staring...maybe because we were all outside in full force 'wrecking' the beautiful peaceful Christmas snow?! Or because I was wearing hideous pants. So, when they drove by to wish us Merry Christmas (they were in a 4wd and could get out!!) I told them it was a joke LOL. They must have thought I went loopy!!
Cliff's shot of his sexy wife in the snow wearing his PJ pants LOL. Hey, atleast we got a good laugh right!!

OK, here is a rare shot of 5/6 kids outside. Coco was inside with her Nonna watching out the front window! She wished she could be out there too. But, the snow was WAY taller than her! Maybe next year kiddo!

Wowsers!! This is in our backyard! That snow was already removed at an earlier point by the kids! So beautiful!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, in my office in my PJ's looking at the Garmin website as Santa brought me a Garmin.

All of the kids in our bed waiting to go downstairs...they were so patient! I typically go dowstairs and yell up to say yes Santa was there, turn on the Christmas music, plug in the lights etc. Cliff gets the video camera ready etc.

Just a hint of what the day looked like, but you can see some of the kids in their new Christmas PJ's. We buy a new pair of jammas for each child every Christmas Eve. A tradition my Mom did with us, and now we do that for them. They LOVE getting them!

Who knew that the North Pole was next door to our house?! We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland!

And, of course a sneak peek of the garage with some of the gear. The rest hangs up on a large rack, and we have drawers etc. for the off season stuff. Note the snow from Christmas inside the garage. Claire even saved some snow in our deep freeze! 

Christmas Eve

Here are the 'gifts' to the kids. They wrapped up stuff from their rooms to give to each other. There are books, toys, stuffies. They wrapped them in their blankets, their robes, their scrap fabric samples. I love how they did this without being asked.

Popcorn string, homemade ornaments and paper chains. The tree was all about the kids this year.

A gift for a sister or brother made by Carly.

Our kissing ball. Boy did we have fun with that!

I FINALLY found a Santa Plate at Winners for under 5 dollars. I was happy. Santa had some egg nog, gingerbread house and some carrots for the reindeer.

Those are all of the Christmas gifts lined up from from left to right in birth order. We left them this way for easy handing out in the morning. A lot of the gifts were wrapped in home made fabric bags made by my Mom in Law, and of course the ones made by my Mom when I was a kid. There is even an old "Eatons" Santa Sac there. Catie got that one. We will re-use those next year too.

And the stocking were hung by the chimney with care...and you can see the Santa gifts lined up in front of the Fireplace. From left to right in birth order: Nintendo DS, Video Camera, Digital Camera, drawing board, Wonder Pets, and a pull Doggy.
OK, so we will not be going out for Christmas dinner tomorrow!! We were snowed in! This is the most snow coastally since I believe in the early 7o's even the 60's!! So beautiful tho!! We are so used to a rainy Christmas. 

My Mom in Law took this photo through the window of me cleaning the driveway (I think I shovelled about 3 times that day!!) Our snow piles at the side of the drive were over my shoulders!!!

Here is me on the left, and my lovely neighbour giving me a hand. I had a bad moment because the kids buried the snow shovel. But thankfully it was found on the neighbours lawn under a foot of snow...ggghhhrrr. Cliff worked on Christmas Eve.

I took a lot of photos...

Snow beautiful snow! Rediculously high snow! I think over 2 feet. This was Christmas Eve.
 And it continues to snow today!

Our tree with white lights, and all of the kids' decorations...sorry the photo is sideways. Cameron made that paper chain and seriously there were many feet of length. Some went to Nonna's place for her to enjoy!

Pretty much a homemade Christmas. This is what our mantel looked like this year! It makes me happy to see how much effort the kids put into Christmas this year. 

While I was doing a shoot, Cliff took the kids to his Mom's so that they could build a gingerbread house.