Thursday, January 01, 2009

I took a lot of photos...

Snow beautiful snow! Rediculously high snow! I think over 2 feet. This was Christmas Eve.
 And it continues to snow today!

Our tree with white lights, and all of the kids' decorations...sorry the photo is sideways. Cameron made that paper chain and seriously there were many feet of length. Some went to Nonna's place for her to enjoy!

Pretty much a homemade Christmas. This is what our mantel looked like this year! It makes me happy to see how much effort the kids put into Christmas this year. 

While I was doing a shoot, Cliff took the kids to his Mom's so that they could build a gingerbread house.

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Allyson said...

I'm seeing the decorations/gifts on the mantle as keepers-sort of like your favourite and ours, the candy cane!
Paper chains and popcorn make the best decorations. You did that too as children. Timelessly simple and wonderful.
So glad to see the Gingerbread house. It seems that usually Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler have done the honours in past years.
Look at them all working away. Sweeter than the house itself. xxxxxx