Monday, January 12, 2009

Today is Monday

This morning, we took Courtney in for her '12 month shots' even though she is four days away from 14 months.  (4 of them--two in each leg) and she did pretty good. She had a hard time of course, but she stopped crying right after they were done. My doc says that most kids would still be crying at that point. We said she is a toughie because she is number six. She was weighed and measured too. She weighs in at 21 pounds (something--yah yah sixth child LOL) 30" long and a large coconut around 18". She is doing great! She will go back for the next set of shots in July (six months from today)

Time to get her a 5 point harness seat (and return the infant seat (boo hoo) to my sister.) I am holding onto all of the baby stuff so that *hopefully* I will one day be an Aunty Cathy again. So, I will wait a bit to see who gets pregnant and they will gain a whole lot of awesome baby gear that is for sure. I don't think I can hold onto it much longer because looking at it makes me feel very sad to see it all sitting there. So, it will have to go. I need to move on from babyhood. Savouring each moment with each of my kids who are ALL growing up so fast.


Alyson said...

Time REALLY does fly too fast...too fast. If it makes you feel better, you can go through the new baby stuff with me in September ;)
I can send new baby smells over the computer waves.

Anonymous said...

Cuz, I know that you are saving the clothes etc. for your sistas... you WILL be an Aunty Cathy again; some day! And won't that be exciting! If ever they don't want anything don't forget who may need *girl* stuff... LOL. (I'll be hooped for clothes if I have a girl this time! Ha Ha!)
p.s. I am saving all of the boys clothes too (yours and mine) and they can have those too, when and if the time comes. Lots of love, Andrea xo

Cathy said...

Alyson!!! Are you trying to tell me something very exciting!!

Are congrats in order :D


Pecuron said...

Hi mam,U have such a cute children's :D
your blog feels good
you have eight "WONDERS" too!!

Shawna said...

Wow, life is moving on and your babes are growing up, is bitter sweet hey!?!?!

But you have nurtured another baby of sorts and that one's growing up to be a beautiful passion of yours too! Cathy you do good!

Staci said...

They grow way too fast! :( I feel like Madison's babyhood flew past... She'll be 2 soon, too soon!