Thursday, January 01, 2009

The snow on Christmas Day!

I would have to say out of all of the kids, Caroline was the happiest out in the cold. She would plunk herself in the snow and just delight in the white stuff all around her. She embraced the snow, the other kids not as happy in the snow. But the enjoyed it! 

Caroline and Carly sitting on the back of Cliff's work truck. He had to take it home because our street was so bad that he couldn't rely on his Dad's old car. He got picked up by a work buddy with 4 wheel thank goodness!

Here is Claire and Cameron able to touch the top of our tree... in the yard! Crazy  snow piles!

Sisters Claire and Carly hanging out (they the best of friends, and then the worst of friends!) But they are great sisters together. I love to see their friendship develop like that! 

OK, there is a story behind my get up. Yes, that is my leg...wearing my fake uggs from Payless.  AND what is with those green pool hall pants?! Well it was a joke actually. They are Cliff's old pj bottoms. In our town, everybody and their dog wears PJ's outside, and out in public. What an UGLY trend!! So, just in fun (and because I didn't feel like getting dressed I took his from the clean laundry and doubled up over my PJ pants) so we took a few photos of me. Cliff got some new PJ's that are MUCH nicer. Those were a bargain, can you tell why LOL.

The funny thing about these pants is that the neighbours were staring...maybe because we were all outside in full force 'wrecking' the beautiful peaceful Christmas snow?! Or because I was wearing hideous pants. So, when they drove by to wish us Merry Christmas (they were in a 4wd and could get out!!) I told them it was a joke LOL. They must have thought I went loopy!!
Cliff's shot of his sexy wife in the snow wearing his PJ pants LOL. Hey, atleast we got a good laugh right!!

OK, here is a rare shot of 5/6 kids outside. Coco was inside with her Nonna watching out the front window! She wished she could be out there too. But, the snow was WAY taller than her! Maybe next year kiddo!

Wowsers!! This is in our backyard! That snow was already removed at an earlier point by the kids! So beautiful!


Carol Kerfoot said...

OK I saw a girl with PJ pants and high heals at the white spot in WR today...COME ON....REALLY?

Allyson said...

I hate it when I spot someone wearing that seriously wrong fashion statement out in public. But you my love-bug-I'm laughing my guts out. Too cute.

Love all of the pictures of the kidney beans out in the snow too. I think I miss blogs because now you have to go to "older posts".

ticblog said...

Some seriously crazy snow!!!!