Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Eve

Here are the 'gifts' to the kids. They wrapped up stuff from their rooms to give to each other. There are books, toys, stuffies. They wrapped them in their blankets, their robes, their scrap fabric samples. I love how they did this without being asked.

Popcorn string, homemade ornaments and paper chains. The tree was all about the kids this year.

A gift for a sister or brother made by Carly.

Our kissing ball. Boy did we have fun with that!

I FINALLY found a Santa Plate at Winners for under 5 dollars. I was happy. Santa had some egg nog, gingerbread house and some carrots for the reindeer.

Those are all of the Christmas gifts lined up from from left to right in birth order. We left them this way for easy handing out in the morning. A lot of the gifts were wrapped in home made fabric bags made by my Mom in Law, and of course the ones made by my Mom when I was a kid. There is even an old "Eatons" Santa Sac there. Catie got that one. We will re-use those next year too.

And the stocking were hung by the chimney with care...and you can see the Santa gifts lined up in front of the Fireplace. From left to right in birth order: Nintendo DS, Video Camera, Digital Camera, drawing board, Wonder Pets, and a pull Doggy.
OK, so we will not be going out for Christmas dinner tomorrow!! We were snowed in! This is the most snow coastally since I believe in the early 7o's even the 60's!! So beautiful tho!! We are so used to a rainy Christmas. 

My Mom in Law took this photo through the window of me cleaning the driveway (I think I shovelled about 3 times that day!!) Our snow piles at the side of the drive were over my shoulders!!!

Here is me on the left, and my lovely neighbour giving me a hand. I had a bad moment because the kids buried the snow shovel. But thankfully it was found on the neighbours lawn under a foot of snow...ggghhhrrr. Cliff worked on Christmas Eve.


Allyson said...

I am blown away by the gift giving from child to child. What a wonderful idea. They will always remember this selfless giving of self. What a fantastic family tradition. I don't know who wrapped the gift in their bed quilt-that took my breath away. xxxxxxx

Allyson said...

I just realized, that was Cameron's quilt. xx

Laura said...

I have that Eaton's bag too!! haha!Wow are we pack rats or recyclers :) I'll go with recyclers! I love your Christmas!! Oh and I too always had new pjs for Christmas Eve..and so do my boys..I love that tradition! What a beautiful Christmas...Kyle keeps telling me to ask papa to stop the snow haha! Poor Josh was getting lost in it too! I was so scared he would fall and not be able to get up!
:) Love to you all!