Monday, January 05, 2009

Snow Day!

Today the kids were supposed to go back to school, but because our van is not the best in the snow, and the roads are a mess. I called in today. It has been a nice day so far. We 'played' school. We practiced our letters, and some numbers. We helped Catie write her name (get her ready for Kindergarten in September!)

And yesterday, Caroline woke up dry. So, I asked her if she wanted to go pee on the toilet. Yes she says. I plop her on the toilet, run the water. Leave. I listen from outside of the door. And 'tinkle' she went. We high fived, we gave her a piece of chocolate. She did again. Then we went to IKEA. She wore a diaper. She pooped in the diaper. Then little poop in the toilet later in the day. Yay Caroline.

So, she is making the connection, now we sit back and wait for her to tell us when she is ready. She felt pretty proud. We are proud of her.

Anyways yesterday we went to IKEA. We took MIL, and the kids. All nine of us walked through the whole store. We were looking at beds. I am considering putting my two gals (Catie and Caroline in a double or queen size bed together) The kids were well behaved for the most part, and they enjoyed climbing all over the beds. So, MIL bought them McDonalds (taken home to eat---didn't want to push our luck)

Anyways, it has been a nice (unexpected) weekend and day.


Allyson said...

Way, way, way to go Caroline! Nanny and Pappa are so proud of you. I can just hear her Cathy when you ask her something and she says, "yes". I will ask her if she did pee-pee on the pottie and she will say "yes"! Love that little gal. xxxooo

Alyson said...

I love Ikea. I've contemplated the double bed for the two girls as well... just seems like they would grow up close to each other...or kill each other and never get a good sleep. not sure which.
have a great day.