Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30th 2007

Well, just how fast does a year go? Way too fast! I was thinking back to last year, when I was almost ready to have baby number 5 aka Caroline Mae. And to think that on Wednesday my girl turns ONE! Really hard to believe! And, here I am pregnant again and feeling so blessed to be able to do this all again.

Last year at this time, I was scared about the health of the baby, who turned out to be fine even with her kidney issues, I was tired, huge and wanting the baby out. I was anticipating Cliff staying home with us for a couple of months which was wonderful, and I had so many hopes and dreams...all are coming true!

Last year our old house, and this year a new house. Last year Cliff worked for a different company, and now has his great position out this way! And now another little one to add to the family.

So many changes in one year!

Tomorrow brings the month on May, and that is my favourite month of the whole year! For one it is Caroline's birthday on the 2nd, but it also means Cliff and I will have been married for 9 years on May 9th! And, just the good weather starts to roll in! I love spring! Flowers in full bloom, and blue skies! Yay.

The stairway where dreams are made...

This is the best staircase for our family!! Can you just see the kids all lined up there, having a photo taken?!? I see each of them on their graduation wearing their formal wear, and I also see the girls in their wedding gowns getting ready one last time in their home...I wonder if we will have 5 girls and 1 boy? or will we have 2 boys and 4 girls???? If only we any event the house has been fabulous so far, and we really are feeling very settled!

We just have a lot of picture hanging etc. to be done! The kids are enjoying their backyard that is for sure!

main floor kitchen and family room

Here is the back end of the home, which has the TV, eating area. The other areas include, laundry/mud room/garage and hallway and a powder room...

I will take photos of the upstairs next! For now this will have to do lol...enjoy!

home is the sweetest word there is...

Here is the foyer/entrance

Here is my very own space, my office!

Here is the living room/playroom

Behind the living room, is the empty dining room (one day, one day lol) for now it makes a great stage. Behind the french door is the kitchen and back of the house.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Meet Up Yesterday!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Amber and Teresa over (and of course all of their adorable kids and Amber's husband Andy) Although it was a short visit, it was lovely. Amber has blogged about it here, and there are great photos too!

I really enjoyed meeting Teresa and her beautiful Kaitlyn for the first time, and of course seeing Amber, her kids...and her hubby! (I never got to meet Andy last time)

Wow, how our kids have grown!

I look forward to your next trip down here Amber! I am so pleased that we have become friends!

I hope your travel back went well!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Our New Home

There is no place like home, there is no place like home...

Well, we did it! We are homeowners, and we got in relatively smoothly. There were a few unexpected glitches, but they are working themselves out. The house is wonderful, the kids are enjoying their bedrooms, we have seen a 180 degree change in the kids! More space = less bickering! It has been awesome.

I love spending time here! I really truly feel this is "THE PLACE" and I never want to leave. I envision our kids walking down the staircase on their respective graduations and weddings.

This is a real family home, and home is where the heart is! The kids have been loving the backyard, and we are enjoying having the in-laws around, but in their own separate space too!

We finally feel like we have grown up, and we finally are getting SOMEWHERE!! (yah for the next 35 years people which means we will be 70 when we finally pay it off...whatever)

We have pretty much unpacked everything. Just need to go around and hang stuff, photos, paintings etc. That will be the fun part.

I have noticed I do a lot of stair climbing these days! Those should keep me in shape! Yup...nice toned bum and legs (well not during this pregnancy)

I am excited to start entertaining again! Having bbq's and dinners and birthday parties! I know we are going to make some SWEET MEMORIES here.

I will go around and take some photos once I feel the place is ready to be viewed.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Little Big Move

Today is moving day!
It has been a lot of hard work, and late hours but we are pretty ready for the movers who are due here around 8 am.
We wake up at our old place, and tonight we go to bed in our new home! Yay!
Our day is FINALLY here!!!

We are so excited!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Pregnancy Blog

I have started a new pregnancy blog! Follow along on our journey.

I have added a link to your right....

Monday, April 16, 2007

December 1st, 2007

That is the official due date. It is official, and I am having a baby! Today the reality has sunk in, and I am very excited!!

I am 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I had my first doctors appointment today. It went well.

Next appointment will be in 5 weeks. When I will be in my 12th week. Hopefully we will then get to hear that beautiful sound of a beating heart.

Friday, April 13, 2007

More Easter 2007

some more of Easter 2007

Hey Look! A family photo!

These were taken by my Sis Amy on Easter Sunday! We rarely have a family photo all together. Can you see why lol? I still cannot believe that we are having one more to add to the craziness which we call our family!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Midweek Update

Sorry, I have been too busy getting ready for our move to blog.

We move in 9 days, and today we also signed our lives away on our new home. We are very excited! The kids are excited too, as they have not even been in the house! I am so excited to watch them run around and discover their rooms!

I haven't felt like doing very much. I have a lot on my mind, especially this pregnancy. I am still getting used to the idea and we are very excited.

I cannot even find anything exciting to blog about. I know once we move, there will be lots to write about.

I am also excited to see Amber again! And, hopefully meet Teresa. That would be so cool. We met online at when we all had our May Babies which we lovingly call our Pixies.

Just lots more packing to do.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

self photos

cool face paint!

Here is my Carly with her butterfly face paint!

Catie fell asleep at the table

Last day of school before the long weekend! Did you know that Carly got to go to Kindergarten (again!) with her sis Claire. They had an Easter party. This is the girls sharing their goodies!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is a powerful video...pass it on!

Thank you to Gino who sent this to us via email.

It is called Children See, Children Do.

Please have a look!

Should I start another pregnancy blog?

Can anybody think of a good name for it??? Let me know in the comments section!
Thank you,


Crazy Eights!

So, was that last post good or what?! April Fools Day, the perfect day to announce our latest and greatest pregnancy of baby number 6! I have really been enjoying all of the reactions! Katie's, and of course the phone call from my cousin Andrea! Priceless!

I have had some time to let this news sink in myself. This pregnancy was not planned, but obviously *somebody* had different plans for our family. So, yes. The news is TRUE, a new baby is on the way. I am unsure of the due date. I would venture to say it will be November 26th, but I think it should be more like December 1st or 2nd. I will let the doctor decide that though!! I have a 1st prenatal appointment on Monday, April 16th. I am sure my doctor will be happy about this pregnancy.

I told my sis April first, because I had to tell her. I was to look after little Abby when April was going back to work. I was so excited to have them moving out this way, and having the opportunity to watch my niece. And then, when I got this news, I had to call them (with regret and sadness) I had to call and tell them of our surprise little bundle. That was a hard conversation to hold with them. But, it's a baby...and now our family is expanding. I know my limits, and I would have started watching her in my last trimester, and then through the newborn stage. I know my limits, and I would have done it, but I want to be fair to Abby too.

Then, I had to tell my parents. I called my Mom at work, and then she told my Dad. I called my other sis Amy and let her know. Then, we told my in-laws on the weekend. We then told the kids who are the most EXCITED! They all of course want a brother! Wouldn't that be something.

Then, I told Cliff I would post it on my blog on April Fools. This is not the "typical" Cathy announcement. Thus, the varied reactions of my readers! So much fun. I don't even know if my whole family knows yet. I know there will be mixed reactions.

But, I am given another chance to become a Mom again. What a blessing! Another little life in our family! Who would of thought! So, yes...we will be family of 8! I would have never ever wanted or thought about wanting a large family when I was growing up. I thought I would have 2 or 3 kids. So, even I am surprised. I love how my Mom calls us the CRAZY 8's! And that works for me.

And for those who are curious about how this happened: Let me just say they are right when the experts say it only takes one time. And that is all I will say. Cliff and I were avoiding each other, and then we didn't! And so, the making of baby number 6! Cliff was just waiting to go for his big surgery lol. Next month. You make plans, and God laughs!!

So, now begins a new journey for our family! We will not find out what we are having either! We will be surprised when we meet this new little one!

Sunday, April 01, 2007