Sunday, November 30, 2008

2005 and 2008

From today...2008 

Christmas 2005

Courtney wearing Catie's old dress and shoes from 2005

Catie is wearing Claire's dress and tights from 2005, Caroline is wearing Carly's. Coco is in Catie's. I love having so many girls to dress up! Cameron chose white.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, we had a visit from the exterminator yesterday. Our house was walked through, mouse dropping looked for, mirrors to look around the exterior of our house. Some chicken wire placed where needed. We are baited, and trapped. I could sleep last night, but Cliff could not. I think he really hated to kill that mouse. Thankfully he did it, because I have never seen a mouse jump that high! Wow. They can sure jump.

As for today, report cards came out. I am happy with their progress, we see a bit of improvement with Claire which was nice to read. So, they got some 'Hugs' after a pizza dinner tonight. They deserved a treat! Cameron is out with his 'girlfriend' at a school movie tonight. LOL. He sure loves her! 

As for this weekend, it is going to very busy. But that is the way of a household of eight. I was very thankful today for my van. It was well used today, and no troubles with herding the kids in and out. I LOVE that, as for many years I struggled with the small van. 

We have diorama to complete, outfits for Sunday brunch with Santa to find. Outfits for the school Christmas concert for the three kids. (Why do they make us get different outfits EVERY year...why could they not have a 'uniform' look for the kids and just by accessories every year.) Who knows. What else to do: Put up a shelf, take photos of my living room that is done! Develop some photos for in the frames I have purchased. Soon a 'family' wall will begin! Whoo hoo. Rent a tux, and a suit for my sisters wedding in January. And of course shopping. 

Speaking of shopping I haven't even done a list for Christmas. I am so not in a Christmas way. I know on the other side of the family they are not celebrating this year. We feel the same way, but we have to move on and continue with our traditions with the kids. 

Yes, so I need to write up my list and get on it! I am booked with many photo sessions (I am thankful to be able to provide a bit extra this year!!) so that is amazing! I am actually booked every weekend pretty much until mid March '09. 

So much to do. So little time. I have to make my master list and SHOP until I drop LOL. It will all get done, but I know it is going to be an exhausting month ahead. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where to begin?

What a week we have had. A crazy week.

First there is a head lice outburst in Claire's class. So now we have to check her hair (so far so good) and then this morning, I am up...I am sitting on the toilet going pee. I discover that my cycle has come back (nice timing) and what runs right in front of me but a little mouse. A speedy mouse. I yell A MOOOOUUUSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Really loud. I am jumping off the toilet. Cliff runs into the bathroom  slams the door shut to the bathroom leaving the mouse and I together. He bolts and the mouse runs UNDER the door into the bedroom. Freaky morning.

What happened to the mouse. Well, it decided to run under the two fabric cubes in our room. We grab my reflectors, a Lego box. Some towels and we block it off. This was an exercise in TEAMWORK. Practically all of the kids helped. We blocked him off. We had to get it (by that I mean Cliff my HERO killed it) My arms were a shaking. I was naked at that point LOL. CRAZY morning. What a morning. What a sight!! CRAZY! When do I fit Christmas stuff in?

I made my husband stay home today as I have the creeps. I am scared now. He is calling an mouse guy to help us out. 

Hopefully this is an isolated incident, and HOW did the mouse get UPSTAIRS and from where. EEK! We had mice in the garage months back. Yuck.

As for my cycle that has returned...I haven't had one since February 24th 2007. That is just over 21 months (a record for sure) That was my LMP when I was pregnant with Coco. So, today is bittersweet. Yesterday in 1998 we conceived our first child Cameron. Funny how these things go.

Well, off to do the rest of the day. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Growing Pains (mine)

Courtney is walking a lot these days, and at times she still crawls. She smiles a lot, and we hear a lot of Mama, Ba ba ba. (The kids tell me they taught her that LOL) and Da Da. And babble. When her two fingers are out of her mouth. She is LOVES her fingers. She also likes to bite! She has 8 teeth (and counting) and I am still nursing her. That will be done with soon I hope. I am ready to let that go. She is not :D

Courtney, now sticks her feet in the air when we dress her. We say FEET, and voila...the feet are right there. I think she says Poo Poo too. But, hey she does a lot of that LOL. We talk about EVERYTHING in our house! LOL.

Oh, I say kiss...and pucker up and make a kiss sound and she does it back with a lean in. OOohhh and she also hugs when I say hug. Got to love a one year old! They sure grow up so quickly!

We try to give words, even if they do not yet have them. The other day I was showing her the light switch in the garage. We would push on and say light on, and then push switch off, and say light off. She LOVED that! 

Anyways. I wanted to remember these days, so I am going to record stuff like this when the opportunity strikes.

I have been feeling rather sad over this whole not going to have any more kids business. Suck it up sista right!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"The Cathy"

OK, not the best photo...but hey. I blogged a bit LOL. It has been a busy weekend, but I managed to get a wax, pedi and a fresh hair do!

Another peek...

Here is a bit of the family room...not really ready, but getting there. A couple more things to take care of...

Here is part of the living room...I love black and white!!

Sneak Peek - Living Room

We are getting there...a couple of adjustments and I will blog about the room!

From Coco's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday! Courtney inspecting her coconut cake and cupcake.

Some of the party guests awaiting their cupcakes.

Still waiting LOL

Courtney with her Poot and Boogie dolly made custom for her (and earth friendly!!) She loves it! Ooh how we love the dolly! She even has Coco embroidered on her little bottom. Thank you Leanna! You rock!

Our happy 1 year old, enjoying her day! (Donut Hair clippie by Cynthia) FINALLY a child that has a bit of hair on their first birthday! Woo! Love those clips C!
Dress by Deux par Deux - Puddle Jumpers of Fort Langley, BC.

Her coconut cake, made by Shawna who makes THE BEST cakes! Thank you!
A few from her birthday party...the last of the first birthdays our home will see! I guess now I wait for grandchildren.

We made the most of it, and I know she loved her special day! Here is a write up I did on her actual day...better late than never I always say.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday

This week seemed to me like a week that just kept playing on repeat. Like a groundhog kind of week.

Our living room has almost come together, just need to drag one chair downstairs, put on the slip cover, move one more chair over and voila. A LIVING room, that will not be used as a playroom anymore. We are taking the room back! The toys (which really were very little) are out of there. We are finally feeling like the room is cozy, inviting and warm. A place where we are happy to have family and friends into. Instead of an empty, cold room. Feels great! I cannot wait to take a photo when it is done. I would think this weekend would be the weekend to get it all done. So far, so good with the kids in there too. We even bought side tables. and on the side tables are lamps. We haven't had side tables or lamps for SOOOO long. It just feels awesome.

It just feels like a happy place. As does the family room. We have flanked the fireplace with tall black brown LACK shelves. We have 'library' in there of all of the kids' books. They LOVE it! And, we moved the toys into that area as well. Just looking for cozy throws, we have one horizontal LACK shelf to place over top the TV. The TV now sits on a new bench. And, we have our eyes on a new computer desk, as I require the white desk for more organization in my office. I also purchased six frames. Those six frames will house a photo of each of the kids to then sit on the LACK shelf. Got that all LOL.

Add to that, the day to day grind. A return trip to IKEA last night to return a damaged coffee table. And, also to find that the two pieces of art for the wall went on SALE!! we had 90 dollars refunded. Whoo hoo!!

So yes. A busy, crazy week filled with my day to day stuff, walks in the rain and wind. And my photography as well. Oh, and a diorama that needs to be completed by Cameron on the Plains Indians. Due in three weeks!! We started a list, we worked through the process. Started a project box. Collected the items from home that work. And wrote out a shopping list. And, explained to him how to create a legend so that he has a 'master plan' or overview of the diorama. I also realized that I will have five more Plains Indian diorama's in my future. Chances are they will have the same teacher. Will the teacher notice is we 'recycle and reuse' the project over six times (with variations). And, where will I store them all LOL

Where to fit in Christmas I do not know. We started our list, and now to check it twice!!

So yes. There you have a quick update. I hope to have photos up of Courtney's birthday sometime this weekend, and then photos of our updated rooms too.

Happy Friday!

Cathy xo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We hardly get a photo together. So, an image like this is rare. It was from the bowling night last Saturday (Cliff's shoes kind of give that do the balls in the background!)

Thank Amy for the photo :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

A little of this. and that.

It has been a super busy weekend, too much on the go, but all good.

On Saturday night we went out bowling with our cousins, that was hoot! Thank you Apes for blogging about it

And, of course today was Courtney's 1st Birthday/Party and thankfully my Mom blogged it here

And yes, I took lots of photos too, it is just a matter of getting them off of my cameras! Yes, I said cameras! 

I also will post Coco's birthday post, just not enough time to blog it completely!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last One

Well my darling Courtney, today we celebrated your 1st birthday party. It was a small gathering, but full of life, laughter and love. All to see you enjoy your special birthday day!

You have turned into a beautiful, smiley, finger sucking, ear tugging dimple faced girl. A girl version of your Daddy. We love how you tilt your head to side, and all coy and girly. We love how you relate to your siblings. We love how you try new things.

We look forward to watching you grow up.

With love,

Mommy (and Daddy) xo

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last day of babyhood...

Well, tomorrow evening when the clock strikes 5:34 pm. My baby girl Coco turns ONE. This will be the last first birthday I will experience in my lifetime of my children. 

I will post more tomorrow, but to refresh here is a posting of her birth is LONG!

Tomorrow we celebrate, dress her up, blow out her candle in her coconut flavoured cake, and give her a present or two.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why don't you take me to...funky town...

Still having some sick tummy stuff going on around here. Bonus for the sunshine that is shining in my window, and for the IKEA delivery that is coming to our place in 1 hour. That makes me smile. 

You see, making this house into a home takes some time. And careful planning. And so, we are finally making our place into a place of joy and happy. Shopping helps once in awhile. 

My empty living room/playroom will become a cozy and comfy place to retreat to. Cannot wait!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our life is never boring

Yesterday, we had an awesome day. IT was a pro-d day, and so I had all six kids to myself :D so we deep cleaned. And deep cleaned and then some more. I keep them busy until the time Cliff walked through the door. I will not go into great details, but let me just say we cleaned up like how I have wanted to since before Courtney was born. It just worked yesterday so we went for it. We got a lot accomplished and we wanted to reward the kids with some ice cream and chocolate hard sauce. BUT...this is where the day went wrong. 

THROW UP. Yes, I said throw up. Puke. Cameron threw up first, then Courtney five minutes later. Then we started going to bed, and then it was Carly, and then Caroline. And then we finally got to bed (Cliff and I around 3 in the morning.) I love my husband because he takes on the throw up, and tackles it and sends me to bed. LOVE him.

Then, this morning all was good. Caroline threw up a bit, and on Cliff too. More clean up. We wanted to go back to IKEA, as there was a good sale on a couple of items we have been wanting for our family room. So, we loaded into the van with our PUKE KIT. And on our way...poor little Courtney threw up. Not a lot, but enough to cancel our trip to IKEA. So, we are back home...hoping and praying for no more throw up. So, we drove by the local VV, and picked up 4 metal bowls...we are hard core now :D

And, of course the MANY many loads of laundry left to go. I am thankful Cliff is home today. I know this will be a Remembrance day to remember! 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

Well, you probably wonder if I have driven away in my big old van, or perhaps ran out of gas somewhere LOL. That is not the case, it has just been overwhelmingly busy to the point where I feel like a chicken with its head cut off.

I have a scratchy voice still (trying to remedy with zinc lozenges), it seems this week at school it is really busy with preparing items for Christmas shoe boxes, play dates, hot lunch order forms, reading x 2. Math homework, spelling practice x 2, social studies homework. Lunch preparation, throw in a garbage and recycling day (we recycle quite a lot with a household of our size) and then of course everything else. Like two kids in diapers, remembering to put vitamin E oil on Catie's scar daily. Writing Christmas wish lists, replying to parties etc. 'Tis the Season as they say. Throw in 3 boudoir photo shoots done last last weekend...and watch Mom go nuts. Well only slightly. LO.L. I am just thankful I have a husband that is 100% supportive of what I am doing with my life. That has been unbelievably great! SO thank you Cliff if you read this. I love how you care for us all like that. Love you Cliff.

It has been a crazy week. And on top of that, we went without heat in our home for 3 days until we could locate a part. Thankfully we did. We have a warm house now, and I am thankful for that. And for the quiet drives in in our new van.

When we pulled up to the house on Monday in the new van, the kids were jumping up and down and screaming like it was the most exciting Christmas morning EVER. In fact, almost all of the kids HUGGED our new van LOL. I wish I could have recorded that moment. I honked the horn and they went nuts. Good times! And, we have already had a 'playdate' in the van the other day. It was LOVELY to be able to bring along a friend in the van.

The balance of the week, well a run tonight for me. And a night out with my photog. friends. I always look forward to those evenings! Most likely homework tonight. It seems every night all 3 kids have homework of some sort. And tomorrow, well it is Friday, I have an appointment tomorrow evening, and then a candle party to attend! I need my Christmas candles to scent up the house. We need a good Christmas this year, so I am going to do my best to make it a good one. As, this year is another 'first' without Grandpa around. And, we pulled out our Christmas music. It will go into our van etc. next week around Remembrance Day. It is NEVER too early for music. We love it that way. Oh, and I am looking forward to Starbucks Peppermint Mochas. MMMMmmmm. And more runs. And of course, working on my duties for my little sisters wedding. That is coming up at the end of January! We cannot wait.

So there you go. A look at my week. It has been rather crazy, only to get more crazy. But, hey I would rather be busy than bored. Boring is not fun!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Glug Glug Glug

Check out the new ride! FINALLY  Cliff and I are going to go tomorrow! That means I have a new skill to add to my resume LOL...that would be driving a monster van LOL. Well, I learned how to drive my mini

It will be all good! We are so excited, and so are the kids!