Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Puke fest is OVER!


Cliff ended up sick, and is feeling a lot better today. I think we are on the mend because everybody is on the move and eating etc. Things seem WAY better than the 50 + hours of 'Puke Fest II' July 2008.

Anyways, as asked by my cousin Andrea regarding our 'Puke Kit' (April, did you end up doing this too?!--She experienced her first puke with Abby in the car not too too long ago)

Car Puke Kit (left in the back of vehicle for puke emergencies on the road!)

1. Plastic bags use to scoop puke/or puke into/and to pack up the soiled clothing etc.
2. Paper towel
3. Some sort of disenfecting wipes for hard surfaces/you/child/children
4. scraper of some sort (if you don't want to use a bag on your hands!!)
5. bucket for the ride home for sicko
6. old towels and face cloths
7. Bottles of water to wash the puke away (if needed for number 6)
8. A change of clothes for each child on each trip!
9. Hand sanitizer for adults
10. A sense of humour!!!

PUKE HAPPENS, be prepared :D


Kerry said...

Holy moly! That's would be such an awesome pack to gather up and sell...

LauraC said...

Thanks for the puke kit tips! I will have to put all the stuff in the backpack we already have in the car for emergencies!

Did Puke Fest start at the luau? All I could think was luau and then all of a sudden everyone is sick at the same time!

Cathy said...

You are welcome Laura! It is good to be prepared that is for sure!!

It started the moment we got back...literally we walked in the door and Catie started, and it just stopped this morning at 3 am...

Nobody else *that I know of* was sick from the luau. I had the same thought initially too. None of the kids ate the meat, they were too grossed out like their Mom LOL.

There were no mayo based items there either. I know the kids ate a LOT. Cliff got a puke hand in his mouth last night so that is possibly how he got sick?! He was the puke cleaner for the most part!

It was his turn, as you may recall I had the worst stomach bug around Mothers Day. I was out for 2+ days!

Take care!!

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

Now why haven't I thought about having a Car Puke Kit before? Such great suggestions Cathy.

You have had your share of the sickies this year. I hope it doesn't hit you guys again any time soon.

Cathy said...

Well Christine, it is your lucky day! Now, is your bag packed for the 'main event!!?' go do that too!


I sure hope not! You take care too...how many weeks left now?!

AddysMom said...

You are a genius, Cathy! And much more experienced than I am. I have had countless car barf incidents, and never once thought to do this.

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

I've packed an emergency bag for in the van. Garbage bags, towels and a snot sucker. Just in case, you know! I don't want to mess up my van if I go into labour while I'm out and about. LOL

As for the hospital bag...half packed. I still need to throw in the baby's stuff and maybe a couple things for Stephen. Oh, that reminds me, I should pack something for Nathan and Nic to take to the sitter too. Oh Man! It never ends! LOL

I'm 34 weeks and 3 days...just over 5 weeks left. Go to my blog to see what else I have on my plate. LOL

Anonymous said...

Cousin! Thank you for your suggestion/advice and "experience". I really appreciate it! You can bet that I will be making two up and getting one in the van and one in the car. (Heaven forbid puke in Kirb's "precious"!) LOL. Love to you all. Andrea xo xo xo