Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Growing like a weed...

{Courtney is 8 months}

Dear Courtney,

It seems hard to believe that eight months ago tonight you were born into our family. Our little coconut so tiny, pink, cute and the perfectly healthy baby girl.

And today a big baby girl who is strong, long, almost crawling, likes to stand up, eat all sorts of table food,talkative and beautiful 'Smiley' girl. You recently had your 6 month shots (yes way late due to the many colds from your loving, adoring siblings who cannot get enough of you Courtney) and you weighed in at a healthy 18 almost 19 pounds. And you are meeting all of your milestones which makes us all so happy that you are both happy and healthy!

You are a little firecracker! You are so determined and I love seeing you develop and grow into a near toddler! It is hard to believe that I am starting to think about your first birthday party already! Dreaming about hot cocoa (Perfect for November!) and coconut goodies...mmmm. All pink and brown for you! A special day just for you! A day just for you to celebrate with your family and friends.

You are our last Courtney Elizabeth, and I am so glad I get this final gift to experience watching you grow up and marvel at all of the firsts you are acheiving today and in the future. It is going to be great to get the opportunity to let you be 'our baby' for a bit longer than the other kids! I look forward so many things with you, my darling daughter.

You bring us so much joy and laughter with that big beautiful smile. It was like you were supposed to be here all a long, and happy girl to bring us joy when joy is needed the most with the passing of your Grandpa almost three weeks back.

I just know Grandpa was most sad to leave you and your siblings behind. He wanted to know what you would sound like when you would first say 'Grandpa' like your siblings. I know he wanted to watch all of your firsts with all of us. I am sorry you will not get the chance to know and remember your Grandpa like some of the other kids. Our hearts are heavy with loss Courtney. Your gift of your joyful smile makes us happy when the days feel so sad.

I do know that Grandpa is in you, and all of the kids. That makes us feel a bit better. He named you his 'Smiley' Courntey. I just wanted you to know this.

We really wanted you to know him, but we had promised Grandpa that we would keep his memories alive.

We love you Courtney.


Jennifer said...

Awww...What a sweet post <3

Laura said...

Oh the tears are a flowing! I can't believe first off that Coco is already 8 how did that happen? She is so very beautiful, just like all her siblings...
I can guarantee that she will know so much about grandpa...especially from all the big kids. They will all have special things to tell her about him.
I see your family and think that she is truly the final piece of the Empey puzzle...and was brought to you to make sure you remember to smile. and your siblings are very fortunate to have such wonderful parents and an amazing extended family....

Kerry said...

She is such a Coco! I couldn't imagine you calling her anything else, she suits it to a tee!

Carol said...

Catie told me today that her and Coco are going to Mickey Mouse Club!

Love your kids Cathy!