Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quick update for the Weekend

It has been a sad and busy time around our place, and so sorry for the lack of updating. It feels like time has stood still since my FIL passed away just over a week ago.

The kids are having a very hard time adjusting. They are very emotional, crying a lot and acting out. And they are having troubles finding comfort. They miss Grandpa's hugs. They cannot find rest at night. They cry a lot. So, it has been very tiring to say the least. The needs of our kids come first, and so that is where most of my energy has been going to. And to the needs of my dear husband, and my mom in law.

Yesterday was my FIL's memorial and it was a good day (well as far as memorials can go I guess) there was a very full church, and that goes to show just how well loved he was. And, how very missed he will be. That was comforting to us all.

I have a whole CF card that needs to be downloaded, and have Carly's Kindergarten graduation on there, some fun in the back yard. Canada day (which wasn't very fun this year as at one point in the day had all six kids crying because they are so sad) and a few more photos I am sure I am forgetting about. I will try to accomplish some of that over the weekend.

Not much else to report, but just to check in and say I am still here, I am busy and blogging hasn't been in the front of my priorty list. I promise to check in with all of my blogging buddies soon and comment. I have been more of a blog 'stalker' these days LOL.

Well, I thank you all for your kinds words, emails, flowers, support and love over the last months and over the last week.

We really appreciate everything. Prayers and support are certainly welcome! I am hoping that next week will be a bit back to 'normal' around here. Well, I guess the new normal. Whatever that may be. I will chat then!

Blessings to you all,



Yvonne said...

Cathy my heart goes out to you ... no worries on the blogging but it is nice to hear from you to know how you and the family are coping! I hope that soon you (and the children) will relish the memories as life goes on with out your loved father(in law) and grandpa. The kids need you but you too make sure you deal with your own feelings ... You will be in my prayers! Yvonne

Shawna said...

You are a good woman Cathy - keep at it!


Irma said...

Cathy....praying for you to find comfort and rest. We hope that you will find a new 'normal' again as life keeps going and your family 'adjusts'. Take care of yourself too!

LauraC said...

I'm sorry to hear the kids are taking it so hard, but I admire you taking the time to care for your family during this very difficult time.

ticblog said...

((((((((C,C,C,C,C,C,C & C)))))))))