Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer is in full swing around here!

Well, here it is early hours Thursday morning. I am doing laundry still, wrote up thank you cards those sorts of catch ups. Still haven't had a chance to get through the photos. I thought I would be able to do that tonight, but the kids had other plans. So, I was tending to the needs of our kids. My stuff is put on the back-burner again. Story of my life.

Life around here doesn't seem very normal that is for sure. The kids are very out of sorts. Add in a hard working husband, working overtime, a teething baby that had her six month immunizations and there goes the household.

We had a good dinner tonight, and I got a it out on the table on time and the kids LOVED dinner. This was a freezer meal (from the Big Cook) that my friend Lisa gave to me just after Courtney was born. I had extra buns, greated cheddar cheese and cut up cucumbers. And that was dinner. Finished it off with some watermelon and it was a big hit! I am trying to use up the stuff in my freezer. I organized it again. Boy did it need it. So, I found quite a few dinner items for this week to use. I had a quick run tonight. Felt good to get out there.

My hubby is off on Thursday and Friday. Thank goodness. I am burning out these days. I am wiped. Emotionally more than anything. My head feels like it is in fog. I don't like feeling like that, especially when I have so much going on. Summer break seems like more work and planning than the school year. It is really hard to entertain, keep busy, keep out of trouble and burn off energy with the kids.

Cameron is off to his Grandparents tomorrow night for a movie and a sleep over, we are going run some errands. The weekend we have not too too much on the go, but enough to keep ourselves busy. I might be getting out on a much needed date night/sleep over at a hotel night this weekend. That sounds rather exciting. Just wondering how Courtney will do. She has been miss cranky pants these days with all of her teething. Sunday of course, I run a 9 km. All next week Claire is in summer school, and Cameron is in his camp. That will mean a pretty calm week for me I would hope. Oh and on Wednesday we are participating in a 20 minute challenge (walk/run challenge) and cannot wait to bring the family out! We are making fitness a priority in our life and hoping the kids will want to do the same.

Well, it is so late and my laundry just binged at me. I need to switch it over and then start the dishwasher.

Night night!

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Kerry said...

All that and the time on your blog post is 1:11am!!! Holy smokes! You run on some serious batteries Cathy!