Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bored of my blog...

I am getting really bored with this blog. I am not sure of what to write of these days. It seems all I really talk about is how much puke we had, or more puke or sickness or. You know, the mudane part of life. Is it really that interesting? I really don't think so.

I am not sure what to do with this blog anymore. I really feel like I want to concentrate my efforts on my other blog, and my photography.

I don't know. Did I tell you I wiped out on the tile floor? Well yes, two days ago I slipped on some water that was spilled by 'somebody' and I fell and hit my left shoulder. It really hurt, and I have a huge bruise. Yah, really interesting right?! LOL. I am fine, and happy I didn't knock myself out, or break another bone!

Anyways, I am not sure how much more I want to put into this blog. I started out using it as a tool to remember parts of my life with kids, but it is a task to try to maintain it and keep it fresh and interesting.

Well, Courtney is crying and that means she needs a feed. I will continue this on later!

In the meantime, let me know in the comments section if you have any interesting things for me to blog about. Do you have any questions that might make my blog a bit more interesting again!!?


Dani said...

Well. I've never met you or your family. I followed a link from a blog and a link from a blog and ended up on your site one day. And I have immensely enjoyed hearing about the day to day adventures of your large family! I'd really miss it :)

Michelle said...

I have lots of ideas all that got lost in will be back later with my ideas :-)

LauraC said...

Hey Cathy, being a fellow long-time blogger, I have huge periods where I don't feel like blogging. I usually find those to be times when life is not going that well. For me, waiting it out usually works, where I get my motivation back. It's hard to keep it fresh and interesting every single day.... that's why good books take a LONG time write :)

What keeps me going is knowing how this little blog of mine keeps me connected to some really special people out there. My grandma in Florida gets up every day and reads about her great-grandsons. That is reason enough for me to keep going.

suzanne said...

Cathy, I too have been reading your blog for a long time.I enjoy your stories and photos so much!..I would really miss it, You inspire me to be a better get more accompished with 6 kids than I do with know the choice is yours but i hope you just take a break, not stop all together..:)

Anonymous said...

Oh pooh, that would be disappointing. I really look forward to reading about you and the family (as well as your sis and hers and your mom's). It's a chance for me to catch up with you and the family. Sad isn't it? (That we're family and we don't actually TALK much...) But I know, it's difficult to TALK and have a meaningful conversation with 1 of your 6 (or more)or mine interrupting etc. I guess that is what our coffee dates are for, huh? (But those go too far and in between ~ we'd NEVER get caught "up to date"). Anyhow, if I haven't said it already I enjoy your blog(s)... maybe (like the others suggested) a break might be in order? Lots of love, Andrea xo

Susanna said...

this is better then jon & kate plus 8, because it is homegrown in bc!!!

PamnPat'sParadise said...

I am another that would miss hearing about your day to day adventures but can understand that sometimes you just don't wanna do it anymore. I've had periods like that as well so take the time when you need it.

I for one would love to see you on the Organizing blog once again, or even once a month with new and great tips - the puke kit for the van should definitely go on there.

Take the time for yourself as you need it, and then come back refreshed and ready again.

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

I enjoy your blog as well and have it marked.

I like seeing your interesting pictures of your life and your fun little tales of fun and woe.

I hear you though, especially when it feels like nobody is reading it. I get discouraged too and feel like stopping and then someones says, I read it all the time.... they just don't say anything LOL!

Keep going girl !! Too many blogs are hard to follow, how about putting them all together ?

Alyson said...

just take a break...but it is still interesting to me. I am finding the same with mine. At first everything seemed to flow. now I just don't know what to say and I keep holding things back knowing that everyone I know reads it. I would like to be freeer.
just don't update as much...and it will come back.
besides...anyone who reads this blog knows you are concentrating on the no biggie ;)

Angie said...

No, no, no, no, no.... you can't stop. I just found you!

We are currently overseas from family in the states ... my blog is the only way I can keep in touch with all my family at once. Beats trying to make phone calls every week. Plus, they are able to see the culture and our surrounding through my family's eyes. I've only stepped into Canada once - and we're from central Idaho! I would love to see more of Canada.

*Maybe more on organizing (I seriously lack that talent!) ... perhaps before and afters?

*Sometimes by going through other blogs I get ideas (not that my blog is interesting ... it's not)

*Talents your children have

*I've seen one mother use her blog as a diary for things her children do ... things she doesn't want to forget such as funny, little sayings, artwork, etc.

*Perhaps the ins and outs of your life. The things you love or would like to change?

*Perhaps recipes ... I'd love to know some of your fav's and what you use to look so darn good!

I love your blogs - your kids are so cute and how you do it all is BEYOND me!!

Perhaps a break would be good. Hopefully you can come back with some good inspiration! :)

Irma said...

It'll come back Cathy.....I find like 'Laurac' wrote, sometimes when life is going a little to fast and not quite the way we want it is harder to get motivated to blog...also like Angie says I use mine kinda like a diary as to daily happenings around her....more in the end for my pleasure in future years. My sister-in-law Kim just is finishing up putting my blog from 2007 into a book through I'm planning on ordering 10'll be the kids scrapbook...then I won't feel as pressured to make such detailed scrapbooks for all the kids one day....

I hope you keep blogging, it's been fun getting to 'know' you! I might not always comment, but I faithfully look you up! (-: