Monday, July 21, 2008

Puke Patrol

We have had a lot of puke going on in the last 49 hours...4/8

Catie: All over the tile floor, bathroom door downstairs, walls, sink and toilet and repeat into her bucket many times until this morning, Looked like a crime scene.

Claire: All over herself, the upstairs carpet outside the bathroom, all over the walls and toilet and a couple more times into the toilet and fine this morning. Evn worse...bigger tummy, more volume.

Carly...this evening after Catie's above and again a few minutes ago.

Caroline...just as puke from Carly is cleaned/in process she does it but all in her crib, stuffies, pillow etc.

Cliff feels sick because he cleaned it up, as I sanitized the whole two levels...we work as a team here. We have to smile about this, because it is times like this we just want to cry and quit. This process took us hours. Tonight we spent two hours. All of the kids are now in bed. Now round two of bleach on the hard floors. I just want to crash, but life goes on!

I won't be able to sleep well again...just going though the 'what if's'/Who next/I cannot afford to get this thoughts in my brain. I am thankful it was not in the van this time, not at a friends house and none on our new carpet. Time for a profesh cleaning!

PS Laura now is the time to create a puke kit for your vehicle if you don't have one already. Two years old seems to be when the barf-o-rama begins. Well, in my experience anyways. Sorry there is puke in your vehicle and home.

Why puke in July?! I am not sure. Hubby informs me he is close to puking now too. That will be 5/8 but not our record of 7/8. That was back around Mother Day of this year.

May we all feel much better tomorrow.

PPS I really think I deserve HE washers after all of this. My machines are running for what feels like 24/7!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... EWWW... Must be a bug or something, huh? But, like you say, puke in July?
BTW (experienced Mama) - what does your "puke kit" (for vehicle) consist of? Just curious b/c I never had thought of that and now am thinking I should! Lots of love to all of you. Sorry you have to always work so hard Cath.
Lots of love (and non-pukey kisses and hugs) to you all. xo Andrea xo

Kerry said...

Wow, that is just crazy! You need your own personal bleach truck to come and drop off to your underground tank, lol! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Carol said...

How can you keep a postive outlook? I need that skill. I STRESS out about puke and its not good. WE have 2 out of 5.....the anticipation of the rest of us makes me want to puke.