Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Ducky

Sickness is one part of having a large family that I DO NOT enjoy. From last Saturday at 9 pm until yesterday morning we had July 2008 Puke Fest. Non stop puke and runs action. Cliff actually added up all of the throw up-ing sessions and there were about 16 of them. ONLY TWO (plus Cliff's throwing up} that actually made it into a toilet or puke bucket. The rest...on the floor, the carpet, the walls, around the area of the toilet, the sink. The bed, the bed, the playpen two cribs. The stuffies. The clothing etc.

Oh the laundry. I had our machines working OT!

The good news is that it is Friday. Everrybody is on the mend including myself. Courtney and I were the last to get it. Thankfully I managed not to throw up, but I am having other issues :D to yuck to type out LOL.

The weekend is almost here, and I am hoping we will now be able to enjoy it!


Michelle said...

get better soon E family.. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Oh sista I feel your pain! We enjoyed pukefest 2008 in June. Am I mistaken or are the viruses cheating this summer. I was sure we were supposed to be puke free july and august. Time to start a protest or something!

Cathy said...

Hi Jennifer! I felt your pain last month Sista!

I am not sure of what is going on, but yes summers are *usually* puke free. Here is to hoping next year!!!

Yes, let us protest!! NO MORE PUKE, no more PUKE! LOL

Cathy said...

Thanks Michelle!

Angela said...

Oh, girl! I have so enjoyed reading through your blog. I am sorry that your crew have gotten the "pukefest bug". Our's was PUKEFEST DECEMBER 2007. It went through all seven of us.

I am feelin' it for ya. I hope that everyone is still on the mend.

ticblog said...

Gross gross grody gross. Here's hoping your puke-fest is at an end, Cathy.

Much love,


Shawna said...

I hope hope hope you are better now!

You and your poor family!