Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Pig Tails

Here is Caroline at her first pig roast/luau wearing her first pig tails EVER. Pig tails in our house are a big deal. That would be because our girls take a LONG time to grow their hair long enough to put their hair up. Caroline is well over two years old and now hair cut. I know she was pleased to be a 'big girl' here. She kept them in all day and night.

It is funny how our girls don't grow much hair for the first few years. And even more ironic that their brother had several hair cuts just after the age of one!


Jennifer said...

Not much cuter than the first set of piggy tails :)

Laura said...

So sweet. There's nothing cuter than a girl's first set of piggies!

team larsen said...

I love pig tails too! My daughter refuses to wear them and the rest of the team is boys. I wanted to let you know again how much encouragment I've been getting from your pregnancy blog. It's helping me make it through these last few weeks. It also helps remind me of the sweet parts of pregnancy and not just on the hard parts. Thanks again!!!

Cathy said...


I am glad you are enjoying my pregnancy blog! I wish I would have kept one for all of the kids. Not just the last two. Oh well.

Enjoy the sweet parts...and well you will do fine!!

You take care.