Friday, August 01, 2008

Something about Caroline

She is only two, but we can have a nice conversation together. She is much like her big brother Cameron in that regard. He was a big talker back then, and she is proving to be just like that!

She likes to talk so much! She asks a lot of questions, she is the loudest child of all six. She likes to be heard, like this morning in her crib. So loud we practically need earplugs. But I do try to listen to what she tells me, even if I am up to my eyeballs in questions from everybody. I try my best to hear all of the kids. Hard to do at times when six voices are all speaking at the same time. But like I say, I try. I can only try.

Lately when she talks, she copies me. She will tell me 'I found it on floor, there Coco' and then a giggle and I said to her 'Oh yeah?!' and then she always as the same thing, but in Caroline-speak it comes out as 'Oh wahhhh' so matter-of-factly. 'Oh wahhh.' I ask her questions just so I can hear that.

And I have to say, she is very helpful. She puts bowls and spoons into the sink, she picks up food off the floor for me, wants to dust and wants to help me with the laundry. She also helps me unload the dishwasher. She also tries to help with Courtney, and tells me what Courtney needs. Coco crying Mommy. Coco hungry Mommy.

I just think, wow! You are only two but at times you do a better job than all of your big siblings combined. I love how she takes an interest in something and does it with GUSTO!

I also like the way she says Uh huh. It is not a quiet one, it is LOUD and all knowing! UH HUH. Uuhh huh.

Caroline just told me 'Coco hungry' I'd better be going!

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Jennifer said...

She sounds a lot like my two year old. It's such a sweet age especially when the have younger siblings to 'take care' of!