Monday, August 04, 2008

My day with the guys in my life!

Waiting to get into the waterpark! Get there early!

A 9 year old boy and the waterpark awaits!

Heading home

Every birthday child gets a day out with Mom and Dad. Today, we took Cameron to the Cultas Lake Waterpark. And boy oh boy did we have so much fun! We did every slide (well Cameron and Cliff would not do the Freefall, but I sure did :D) They did go on the speed slide two times each! The most favourite of the day had to be the Colossal Canyon! Cameron and I screamed the whole way, and Cliff just laughed at us. The craziest ride had to be the Valley of Fear. We did that all together and it hurt my time I will remember to lift it up!!!
We spent a solid two hours going up and down, around, up down...splash. Laugh. Play! At noon we decided we had had enough and we went to White Spot for lunch. Then we came home, and we played here. Thank you to Mom and Dad for watching our other five so we could have on one two time with Cameron.

Later in the day, we had yummy cake for dinner. Then, we decided it was time for ice cream. Gotta love a holiday! So, we packed up all of the kids and we headed for the McD drive thru for a sundae and a play at the local park.

We also gave (new to him from Nonna) Cameron a big ol' bookshelf to show off his impressive book collection. It looks really great, and it is starting to look more like a big boy room. Yay!

It was a wonderful day! We look forward to doing it again next year. Next birthday will be Carly's! We cannot wait for our adventure we have planned out for her! 15 more days! We love birthday season!


Mrs. Merriman said...

Sounds like a blast :D Glad you had an awesome day, Cameron!!

ticblog said...

Happy birthday, Cameron!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea!! I think that may become a new tradition in our house :)
PS. We live about 4 minutes from the water slides and have yet to go this year!!

Cathy said...

Jennifer! It is a really great tradition to start. We started it when Cameron turned 3 I think, and we have done it for each of them starting when they turn 3.

What a beautiful area you live in!! I am jealous :D

Angie said...

Happy 9th birthday to your son!! Looks like a fantastic place to play!! :)