Friday, August 08, 2008

what adventures come our way

I took the six kids up to Cultas Lake to meet my sis yesterday for some fun at the lake! Cliff was working, so I took advantage of a beautiful day and we packed up and went! See they are packed in like sardines in a can in our eight seater van! Not much room left for 'stuff' that is much needed on a day trip! They were so happy to go on this road trip with me!

How I managed to get all six on a blanket at one time?! Not too sure, but yay for me! LOL!
We had a lunch there, and then played in the lake for a few hours!

Four of them enjoyed the water! Caroline, not too sure about the 'pool!' as she called it. She went in for a few minutes and that was it. Courtney, well she hung back in the shade of a big beautiful tree. She really enjoyed eating the sand...and other delights like vanilla yogurt! mmmmm

Heading back home...they all slept!

Well, for the most part anyways!

The best part of the day was driving around the camp to find the campsite my sis was staying at and as I was driving around looking for her site, I actually found a blogger friend or two that I had not yet met in real life! So, I got to meet my friend Irma (whose blog is closed to outside readers, but she is expecting her 9th baby, and she is one of my heros!) and she lead me to Yvonne who was also camping there! And I met some other family members who recognized me from MY blog! How exciting! I love how fun adventures can be! It sure is a small world isn't it!! It was great to meet you both, and your beautiful families! Wow!

I look forward to camping next year with the whole family! The kids LOVED being there, and were so well behaved!


Angela said...

Hey! What can do you drive that seats all six in seats or boosters? We are ina Suburban now, but I would LOVE to get bak to a van.

Jennifer said...

Oh for pete sake! You should stop at our house next time ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun outing! Very brave of you girl for doing it on your own with the six! Glad you all had a good time :-)
xo Andrea

Allyson said...

That looked like such a great day! Way to go Cathy. xxx ooo

Fun-sand-water-snacks-that spells summer!

ticblog said...

Looks like a fine day was had by all!

Irma said...

Hi Cathy! It was so great to meet you in real life! I think it is great that you recgonised our kids! I guess with so many together that gave you a good hint! (-: It's pretty amazing how familiar you feel with each other....I guess we do read a lot of each others lives!

As to not having my blog address open.....our family blog I don't mind perse....if someone wants the address that's's just that when I comment I don't want people from my own church to be able to read all about me, without me knowing they are lurking....if I see them every Sunday they can come talk to me.....and ask to read about me, if they want! (-: Does that make any sense to you? S but since I do sometimes link onto your readers here is my address http:/ (-:

Have a great weekend Cathy!

Yvonne said...

Wow for sure, amazing coincidence Cathy!!

Did you end up coming Friday night or not? We are having a break at home from the rainy day!!

Cathy said...

Yvonne! It was lovely to meet you in person!

We stayed home, as Cliff got home too late (and add into that the Air Show traffic)

I hope we can see each other again! Have a coffee together all three of us!

Take care!


Alyson said...

Ha! I love how you took the picture and made it look like you were driving the car...funny.
looks like you had fun. make me want to have more kids

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Grrr I wished I still lived in BC !! Cultus was MY lake,.... I mean... my old stomping grounds and I sure loved it there !

Next time I am down, we should plan another play date there like the last time we camped there. ( you missed that trip).