Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh my Carly Darling...

.Six Years Old.

Happy Birthday Carly! I find it hard to believe that you are six today, and that you are heading into Grade One in a couple of weeks. Where did those years go my dear? They went by way too quickly. Especially when you are the third born!

You were my first baby to be born in a different town, different hospital than your brother and sister, and a different doctor. We had MANY people in the delivery room waiting for you to be born. Mommy, Daddy, Pappa, Nanny, Nonna, Aunty April, Aunty Amy, Aunty Kim and cousin Nicole. Plus all of the staff and of course our doctor. You were fabulous easy labour and birth, and you continue to be this way! I remember smiling and laughing throughout my labour with you. The nursing staff were talking about me at the desk. You were the first labour to give me contractions (very mild) FIRST, and a tiny water leak. Born on your brother Cameron's original due date. We thought that was neat. You are our second summer baby :D
The day before I said as I rubbed my belly, I wish you would be born tomorrow! And you listened, and you gave me a great birthing experience. You used to bounce around in my belly when we watched 'American Idol' and today you have a beautiful singing voice. We love how you sing!
You were supposed to be our 'last' baby, but of course you are not. But you are a fabulous big sister, to your sisters and you are very complimentary. We love that you are kind to others, your 'Carly hugs' are amazing and we love your big brown eyes, and your cheerful smile. You bring joy to so many of us. I love the way you my 'Carlyflower' pick me flowers still, and you even get the vase out fill it up and bring them to me.
You ask brilliant questions, you stand your ground, you live your life with gusto! Something we all can learn from you.
Six years Carly my dear. They have been six of the most wonderful! Life became more beautiful the day you were born.
We love you Carly. Happy birthday honey.


The Hoegler Family said...

I hope you have a wonderful day.

I too can't believe you're six already. I still remeber the days I babysat you guys and you were only 8 months old. You used to make brrr sounds when you ate so that all your babyfood would be scattered all over me. Your eyes were always serious, but when you did smile they were so big, brown and beautiful. You used to lay your head into my neck and fall asleep. I loved that and I think that is why your mom decided to have more babies, you are all too cute.

Love from Hege

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Carly!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Carly!

Cathy, I have something for you on my blog!

new*me said...

beautiful Blog! Birthday wishes for Carly! Amazing photography :)

Laura said...

Cathy, I wanted to tell you that you always have such wonderful write ups for you childrens birthdays. I truly hope that you print these up and put them in a good old fashioned scrap book...even if it is just once a year. I think that they will enjoy reading them one day..and knowing just how wonderful a mother and friend you truly are. I'm sure they know already :) You truly show the individual love that you have for each of your children and the special way they touch you.
So after saying that...Happy Birthday to you Carly..and to you too mommy..for giving birth to such a wonderful young lady!
They all have such big shoes to fill and will do it easily with all the love, caring and support they get!
xoxo L

ticblog said...

Happy belated birthday, Carly!!