Friday, August 01, 2008

Pimp my Ride

or maybe more like Mom my Ride ...and to think she only had three kids. Now, imagine six!

Isn't she a beauty!?! Is that really coming out of my mouth?! I think motherhood HAS changed me, because if you told me 11/12 years ago that when I was in my 30's, I would have six kids, live in the 'country' and drive a 15 passenger van I would have shot you a look like 'Are you freakin' crazy?!' LOL.

I cannot believe that I am so excited about this van. It is a 15 passenger, and we are moving forth with it, as long as the price is good. My friend (with the same family exactly) has one that she bought last week but hers seats 12, and I had MEGA van envy. So, we contacted the same dealership and we were contacted yesterday about this van.

Can you just see me now! I remember I never wanted to be a mini van mom, but I got used to it. Cliff and I (and our friends and family I am sure) have always joked about us having a school bus, but I think this is way more of a sweet ride. Sure, you can all laugh now, but hey when we want to go somewhere on the 'fun bus' I know you all will be phoning and asking us for a ride! You know you will!!

So, how can I pimp my ride? I am just thankful that it is not church van white. We made a special request for any colour except church van white. We didn't want to get mistaken for a youth group or something when the kids grow up a bit ;D

Anyways, it will mean freedom for the family, less fighting (I hope) and just a good drives with the kids. And, room for seven more ;D

The next 'lil purchase will be a car for Cliff, but the car has to be fun...with a sunroof, and preferably only 4 seats maximum. For those trips with only a couple of the kids...or maybe just for a fun date night out! So we can feel cool after driving in the big van LOL.


Shawna said...

Seriously...your doing it!?!?!?

That's AWESOME - YaY for you!! And yes we want to take a ride w/ you guys in your sweet ride!

Awesome - Congrats!!!

Alyson said...

I BET you can find a car decal on-line that you can custom make that would have crazy 8's or something on it for fun. Nothing huge or gawdy but fun!!! why not ?

Good for you. you have van envy...I have child envy ;)

Cathy said...

Pretty much Shawna! As long as they can get it for a good price, it is ours! Can you see the palm trees in the comes from Vegas LOL!

Cathy said...

Alyson, yes! I was thinking something along the same lines..except those little cartoon people...almost like stick will be so much fun!

Irma said...

Ahhh I'm drooling!!!! I've wanted one for awhile, but haven't been able to talk hubby into it think in September we need seatbelts for 11 and preferably extra for the friends and of course space in between so you can create some resemblance of peace in small quarters! (-:

...never mind all the carseats/boosterseats....I have to have 6 in carseats/boosterseats still!!!!!

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

I need one of those to accomodate my kids and the dayhome. LOL Oh, the peace on long trips because we'll set each one up on a different bench. LOL

I hope they can get it in for you at a decent price.

Yvonne said...

WOOOHOOO Cathy! I'm slightly jealous ... we are maxed out in our van it sucks.

Anonymous said...

heads up on the van- check to make sure it is not the type that the schools have banned because of the accident risk...remember that accident this past year in the maritimes with the school sports team...don't want to rain on your parade but would be horrified if something happened and i hadn't said anything

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Yeah I would say you are crazy but I don't have a big family so what do I know !!

Pimp tips :

Black van, lots of chrome... tan leather seats ... and a kick ass stereo !!!