Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working on Weaning

Since this whole thrush stuff has come about, I am finding it very painful to breastfeed our daughter. And so I have decided to start weaning her so I can be free from nursing at the end of September, first week of October. I feel that I am ready to let this part go too. I have been breastfeeding for over nine months, and by the time we are finished a solid 10 + months. Pretty good. So, the process has begun, I have eliminated a morning feed. I will do that for few days/week and go down from there. IF I am not where I want to be in a few weeks my doc says he can give me meds to cut down my still ample supply. Then I basically go cold turkey with her. I am sure she will not like EITHER way, but hey...I am ready to get my body back FOR GOOD. And move on from this thing called babyhood. Sad but true. 

Weaning will give me freedom, and that is a good thing. I have spent MANY years in total breastfeeding. Around five years, closer to six JUST breastfeeding. Oh yes! Can you see why I want my body back!

And if I wean, I am off to my race! And, I am sure the balance of my weight will come off better too. My doc says that happens. So...

I have seven weeks until my half marathon! Woo!


fawndear said...

Half-marathon, You go girl!

Good luck with the weaning. I could never give my babies more than 2 1/2 months. Wanted to but didn't have enough juice. So 10 months is perfect.

Haley (Mum to Five) said...

Hi Kathy, wow, your little baby is growing up so fast! I hope the weaning can go as smooth as possible. I think you should have another, you are so organized! lol.

Anyways, I can't really remember, was it you that put a lock on the fridge or pantry? Just trying to remember. We have a problem in that department right now. If so, what kind of lock did you use????

All ready for back to school? Lots of fun.


Alyson said...

Good luck. with that and your race. I am a little jealous but know that right now is just not my time. I'm becoming o.k with that.
Got out the other night for a run with the hubby. That was nice.

ticblog said...

What a monumental thing, hey? I'm excited for your half-marathon, and sad for the bittersweet end of your BF days. It's almost like you're not going to make anymore cute babies, for real ~sniff sniff~ lol. But, i can totally appreciate that, "I want MY body back," feeling, and wish you a painless and peaceful weaning period.

Missed you, C. Sorry I've been so busy.


Octamom said...

I keep thinking about weaning the twins...and then I think, 'Nah'...but it would be great to up my running miles and hopefully get rid of that little nursing padding that seems to stay attached to my hips! ;o)

Hope it goes well! Good luck with your training!

Darla said...

Wow, similar to my life. 6 kids, youngest almost 12 mos. and with this baby, I'm getting a little anxious to wean too. Starting to feel like I wouldn't mind my body and a little more freedom back myself. AND I too am training for a big run..a 10-miler! Good luck with yours!