Sunday, August 03, 2008

9 how can he be 9?

Cameron is nine! It is hard to believe that my original baby boy is turning nine. I remember turning nine and wanting to be in the double digits, and here is my boy at that same stage.

This evening, Shawna (cake maker supreme!) made a beautiful cake for Cameron, (I helped just a little...) and I will take photos and add them into this post. It is absolutely perfect and I know he will love it, and I know he will love the taste. LEMON for him.

So, our original and only son. Happy Birthday, we love you so much!

You are a fine young guy, with so many great ideas, great energy and just full of love. We are so proud of you Cameron. We look forward to our outing tomorrow with you! It is going to be so fun! We look forward to watching you grow this coming year! You are just a sweet boy.


FunkyMomma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Mrs. Merriman said...

Nine! Holy smokes :D Happy Birthday Cameron!! One more year to double-digits! xo

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!

And congrats to you too Cathy and Cliff ... nine years ago was truly a life changing day!

Have a good one!

Jennifer said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up?!