Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thrush, oh yes.

Sorry, I haven't blogged in quite some time, it just has been rather busy around here. Last week before school and all. It always seems like such a busy time of year. This time of year makes me feel sad. As busy as it it with my six kids, I always enjoy having the kids around and enjoying everything about them. Now, next week I will be 'down three' kids. Including Carly who will now be in full day school as she is in Grade One. That leaves me with Catie (who heads to K NEXT September) and Caroline, and of course Courtney. It is like the 'second generation' left at home to me. Because my 'first generation' are all in school. Kind of neat to have a 'second chance' at this. IT will will be very quiet around here that is for sure!

I look forward to doing tasks that have been set aside until this time of year. 

In the health department, well Courtney and I have developed thrush. And it is not very fun when breastfeeding. So, I have cream to put on twice a day, and Courtney has oral liquid medication that I swish around her mouth and then she swallows it four times a day. I hope it goes away for both of us. It is sad to see Courtney's mouth all covered in sores. I heard about five days.

I also told the doc how I was feeling lately, and so he sent me for blood work, which I did today. I went for some blood work this morning, to check my thyroid, my iron levels etc. I have been really tired, sluggish, cold fingers and toes, hair dry and falling out. So, I should hear back if there is a problem in a couple of days. Hopefully nothing, but good to check out for sure.

Catie got her hair cut, and the three eldest go this afternoon after day camp. These are their back to school hair cuts. We have been ready for back to school since July. I love to be prepared. And, this day camp is daily all day this week. They have fun, we slowly get back into our sleep and wake up routine so that back to school runs smoothly. I cannot believe I have been going back and forth to our school for 5 years now! Since Cameron started Kindergarten. Time flies. 

Not much more to report, just a quick update. I am sure I will have more time to blog next week! So stay tuned. I know I have posts lined up (saved in bloggerland) regarding Carly getting her ears pierced for her 6th birthday present, and the day trip we took to the Chilliwack Corn Maze for her birthday! Lots of fun! I highly recommend!



Jennifer said...

Oh thrush sucks!! Have you heard of gencian violet? my midwivs gve it to me for thrush. You can get it at the pharmacy and it works great. Only thing is it's bright purple so you have festive nipples for a while ;)

Kerry said...

Hope you get your energy back soon Cathy! That's no fun to have thrush, hair falling out and cold fingers and toes. Sounds like you need some big time TLC! :)

Irma said...

ahh the dreaded thrush! I have had it too many times! Not fun and very hard to get rid off. I'm not sure what cream you are on, but if it is Nystatin and Nilstat for the baby...I find they don't work. What works best is genitian violet....purple liquid that you can buy over the counter....it's very cheap too around $4.00...that you get to paint on your breasts (-: and baby's mouth. It's messy (and can stain clothes!)but definitely works!!!! I hope you conquer the thrush soon!!

Anonymous said...

You could also ask about Diflucan, which is an oral tablet for you to take, and works well for persistant thrush. Sometimes you need to take more than the one tablet that is used for vaginal yeast infection, and use it for a longer period of time. It's a prescription only drug, but works where the other stuff doesn't sometimes.