Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Check out my Rack!!

Here is a peek into one of my kitchen cupboards. I bought two new organizing pieces for in there.
Note the pot lid rack on the top left. That rack is so versatile and can be used for plates and even as a mail sorter!!! Great buy for $6.99 eh!!

If you look on the middle shelf I bought a new rack to utilize that shelf a bit more! I LOVE it!!

I need new dishes...I am going to go ALL white. You don't want to know just how many bowls I started out with...thanks kids!

Family Photo Box

Here is the other container from IKEA...this one houses photos that need a home, so I containerized them!

It holds kids school photos and larger photos that don't fit into albums.

See on top of the box? Those stacks of photos, well...those are sorted into Categories...i.e. Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie, Caroline, Cliff and I and give aways. My next step is to put into the correct photo albums. I sort my photos like one would play cards...it sure goes quickly and smoothly!! NO MORE VISUAL CLUTTER!!! I cannot sleep where ANY clutter remains!

for the love of organizing

These are a few my new purchases from IKEA. I had a lovely day out with Cynthia on Saturday (first IKEA, then lunch and Starbucks!!!)

The white box (came with 2 boxes) houses my extra printing papers. Keeps them flat and straight and no dust! These are stored up and away on my computer cabinet.

The six colourful snap lid, stacking boxes house some of the kids arts and craft supplies! I LOVE it and FINALLY those items are not bugging me!

Call me crazy, call me one organized chick!!

Claire and her sis

Claire is in love with Caroline...can you just see it in her eyes?! I am so happy that Claire is loving her big sister role to Caroline. She is so helpful! Getting diapers, feeding her cereal, wiping her up etc. And, I don't even ASK her to help!

I cannot believe that Claire will be 6 next month.

1 2 3 4 5

Yes, I did! Not together, but separately I did it!! These were taken this morning at breakfast time.

Carly on Ice

Yesterday Pappa took Carly to her preschool skating class!

ever wonder just how much laundry I do?

Well, here is my my mountain of laundry on any given day. If you dump it on your bed, you have to fold it and put it away. I only allow myself 3 laundry baskets...that way they ALWAYS get done. If I leave laundry for a day...I am hooped!

This is darks, lights and towels...

b a n a n a s

does your hubby do this to you?

Thanks Cliff...I truly look like trailer trash lol!

Raffi and Sharon Lois and Bram

Well, well well. Today I downloaded "old" tunes for the girls to sing and dance too. Boy, I remember singing to the tunes of Raffi with my sisters way back when we were little gals.

Now, I have the fun in singing the same tunes again and showing my girls the actions to some very fun songs!!

Among my faves right now: Baby Beluga (Raffi), Brush your Teeth (Raffi) and from Sharon Lois and Bram I love (and the girls loved) Peanut Butter and Jelly song, and Head and Shoulders!!

The best part was watching them smile and laugh with me as I belted out those tunes to them!!

What a great afternoon!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

6 days have passed? Where did they go?

Well, happy hump day! I love Wednesday! I love the fact that the sun is shining and we could get our vitamin D from our walks/runs today! That was great.

Yesterday, well. I cleaned toilets, washed and put away laundry, and unloaded the dishwasher...and then my husband wants to get all frisky when I am dog tired. I told him the garage is closed...it has been closed for several days! As if lol! (I can type this because I know my Mom's computer is on the fritz still.)

I am happy also because the roof goes on in the next couple of days!! That is the best news for today!

Not much to report, I am making homemade chicken noodle soup, and buns tonight for dinner. And, tonight I am just happy to sit down and watch TV. I hope American Idol is on tonight. It is fun to watch with Cliff and we just sit there and laugh and laugh! I really loved Sundance...he was great!

The kids are doing well, and Cliff is still enjoying his new job! His first paycheque is this week! I am curious to see how that all works out! I know we are already gaining things from him taking this job!
  • Sleep in for him, makes for a happier Daddy
  • Kids get to have breakfast with Daddy and I can shower at my leisure!
  • Gas $$ for the vehicle has dropped by hundred's a month!
  • Less commute time for Cliff!
  • Great benefits such as paid tools, boots and apparel!

Last night I was on the internet, and I went to Disneyland to dream about a trip we would love to do as a family in about 5 years! We figure by then, Cameron will be 12, Claire will be 10, Carly will be 8, Catie will be 7 and Caroline will be 5! How great will that be! I cannot wait for that day.

Cliff and I have a 9 year anniversary coming up in May, I would LOVE to get away for the weekend to go check out a TITANIC artifact display at a museum on the island! That would be super...maybe a little birdie will drop that in my lovely hubby's ear! And, Valentine's is coming up too! Hmmm. I wonder if Cliff will remember? The 13th, 14th, and 15th of February marks 11 years together for us! Wow, where does the time fly?

Well, Caroline needs me, and is doing her lovely high pitched cry! Gotta run! I need to feed her and tend to my soup! I will freeze some for my FIL and for my Dad to have! My Dad says my soup is better than his Mom's! (SHHHHHH)


I have added 4 new blogs to my list! I hope you get the chance to pop in and say hi!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, it has been a crazy busy week. Cliff is settling into his job very nicely! He is happy and the kids love having him around at breakfast time! That hasn't happened at all in ANY of their lifetimes. So for our family that is BIG time.

As for this snow, it sure is pretty but it can go at anytime. Really, it can. My stroller does not go through this snow!! I am going to buy a brand new Chariot (Sweet Chariot!!) to take Catie and Caroline in! I hope that I can get one this week/weekend! It moves like a DREAM through the snow. That will be so nice! It was a rough go in the double Graco yesterday...yikes. Perfect

Well, I have been getting a good workout too, walking and snow shovelling these days! Gotta like that. I really miss running. I really miss it. I don't want to do that without Cliff tho. So, I am going to walk (boring for me) on the treadmill instead. I am contemplating do the Bob Greene program to get motivated again. Thanks Cynthia for filling me in on the Oprah Show about "Best Life Diet." I want to get the rest of this darn baby weight off. I will get it off, but it is too slow lol. I guess once the nursing stops, it will get easier.

The kids have been LOVING the snow on the other hand!! Lots of snowballs, snowmen and snow forts...and lots of hot cocoa!! I need to buy more...who would have thought.

Not much else to talk about really. Caroline is working on a lot of teeth and has been very cranky. FIL is doing well. He will do 3 - 1 week (1/2 hour treatments 5x's a week) for the next three months. He starts in February. This is preventative chemo for him! That is good news. My wonderful MIL has made a BEAUTIFUL "C" quilt for Caroline...I must take a photo of it! Now our 5 kids each have a very special quilt.

My sister Amy is having a wonderful time away in Thailand with Tyler. She even rode on an elephant! Cannot wait to see the photos and hopefully video footage. I really miss them!

Wow, how our lives are so different. But, lovely to live vicariously through her and her worldly travels with Tyler.

As for me, I feel rather blah, blah blah. Nothing very exciting. I was commenting to Cliff last night that it feels like I am in the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. I live the same life everyday. I have really not a lot to look forward too. Well, I do. But nothing exciting I guess I should say. No trips, outings, goal races etc. lol. I need to do something about that, but not sure what. I told Cliff I need something to look forward to. We are working on something exciting for the future. We will talk more about what that might be tonight. I will let everybody know what that might be lol.

Well, laundry calls. Duty calls!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

SECURITY...SECURITY...blog comments!

Here are some great suggestions from lifehack.org on commenting on other people's blogs!

I think these are very valid points! It is not so nice to receive crummy comments to your personal blog!

I hope this helps! And thanks for the wonderful suggestions. I know there are a few of us with this problem!

Cheers! Let's make blogging our HAPPY PLACE!

I just want to thank my13,000 loyal readers (minus 2) for giving me my happy place!

7 things about 2007

This is going to be a good year for our family and here are my top 7 reasons why:

  1. We have 7 people in our family for 2007
  2. When we entered the millenium Cliff gave me a ring with 7 diamonds across the top. Cameron was our first baby at the time, and now look! We have 5 kids and Cliff and I, that equals 7 with our last baby sweet Caroline!
  3. 7 is my lucky number
  4. I was born on the 7th in 1971
  5. Cliff starts his new job tomorrow
  6. This is the year I will finish breastfeeding and no more pregnancies
  7. I get to have my leg surgery done FINALLY!!!

I know there are MORE than 7 good things about this year, but I think those are my top 7! It is going to be a fun year!

Jean Shopping

Yesterday, my Mom cashed in on part of her Christmas present from me. (I drew her name in the past Christmas draw) and so we set the date and we met at the mall. Well, we had such a nice time together trying to find "the right" pair of jeans for my Mom!

We did really well. First the GAP, nothing they are closing that location, over to Cotton Ginny...perfect fit...too short. The sales clerk gave us some names of good places to shop too!

Then, we went to Bootlegger...styles too young.

Then, we picked up Cameron a backpack (a cash in on his Christmas gift too) and Mom picked up a pink and black backpack for Claire for her bday next month.

Then, a couple of Baptism cards for Abby.

We decided to try the mall Reitmans, and the sizes were not right.

So, lets try the Reitmans by Wal*Mart...we ask for help. Mom tries on first pair...looks lovely. Just a bit loose. Try on a more casual pair...too snug. And then, a smaller size and BINGO...my Mom has the perfect pair of dark dressy jean with a flat front and long enough to fit right over her shoes! (Stacy and Clinton would approve this purchase!!) So...MISSION completed.

We had such a nice morning together. We were laughing and store clerks kept telling us we are having WAY too much fun! And we were. We ended our shopping journey with a late breakfast at the Spot! And that was lovely too. It has been WAY too long since we could go out together just her and I.

Thank you Mom for such a WONDERFUL day...I hope you post before and afters on your BLOG! xoxo

I love you Mom. You mean the world to me. I hope that one day I can be 1/2 the woman that you are. You are the BEST.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

stand up

Here is Caroline standing up! She keeps pulling herself up on EVERYTHING...including her crib and my legs and anybody she can get her hands onto!! My little cling on! Can you say Happy Baby!! She is just so proud of herself!

can you feel the love between big brother and little sister?

Cameron LOVES to be around his sister Caroline! I think that they are so sweet together!

Thursday Update

Even with all of the snow, school was still in session! I love the snow today! The day is bright and beautiful! And nothing depressing about the weather today! Especially when I don't have to drive anywhere!

Cameron: He is learning the partners for 12 this week, and has taken out several books for home reading and the library about The Titanic (one of my faves!!) He is LOVING the snow too.

Claire: She is enjoying being back to Kindergarten after the long Christmas break. She loves to colour and try to write! She is able to print her name, Cameron's name, "Mommy" my name and if I write something out she copies it out! She is enjoying learning to print!

Carly: She started her first week of preschool at her new school and has fit right in! I am SO proud of her. She has started to meet some new friends and I am so happy for her. There are 15 girls and 5 boys in her class.

Catie: Well, my darling Catie. She loves to say "no" but does stuff anyways. Yesterday she ate a yogurt with her spoon and stayed very tidy! She never wants to stay fully clothed!!

Caroline: Well, now she is working on 4 teeth at once. That toothless grin will be no more! And, she is now pulling herself to a stand, and letting go of one hand and cruising along the couch! I am sensing that we will have our first EARLY walker!?! I guess time will tell. She also loves to play peek a boo. She hides behind her receiving blanket and then flips it forward! So fun.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mom and Dad 1971

My Mom sent this photo to me via email. It is a trip my Mom and Dad took to Germany in 1971. I was in my Mom's belly! See that cool couple all in dark clothing, and the lady with the long slim legs...those are my parents!

So, I guess you could say I went to Germany. I just love this photo! And, because my sister is away...it is nice to think about travelling to far away lands! Especially when there is so much snow on the ground!! It is hard to get ANYWHERE.

Thank goodness for memories and for dreams! One day I will physically get to Germany with Cliff!! And, to Paris and Italy too! And, Hawaii, and Disneyland and...

The world travellers!

I wonder how Amy and Tyler are doing? I know they are in Thailand today and I wonder how their flight was? I bet they are catching some Z's.

I am sure Amy is gearing up for some WONDERFUL shopping! And, some WONDERFUL adventures.

I woke up this morning and I really missed you both. Thinking of you both and loving you both!

Travel safe and have fun! Cannot wait until you both are home safely.

It is amazing how empty it feels without you both here. I want the 7 weeks to go quickly xo



Well, last night the power stayed on, the snow started falling as we left for our dinner at the KEG! It was delicious as per our usual 1 time per year outing to the Keg (thank you for your year of Safety at your old company Cliff!) How ironic to be using 2 gift cards from the old company to celebrate an ending and a new beginning! We spent a good 2 hours in the restaurant! We started in the bar with a great glass of wine (make mine KEG size please!!) and some crab and artichoke dip!

Then, at table came up, and we were moved to a cozy table and had our meal. Another glass of wine please! (make mine a KEG size please!!) Cliff had prime rib with goat cheese and crushed pecans on top with a garlic mash side dish and a grilled parmesan tomato. I even tried a bite of his meat! I don't think I have really EVER had steak. It was surprising good, but I know I would not want to eat a whole piece! But yay me for trying it.

I had my annual terriyaki chicken, wild rice and grilled parm tomato too. We also enjoyed the warm sourdough bread with whipped butter. To top off the evening we shared a delicious piece of Billy Miner pie. That is an ice cream pie with fudge and caramel drizzle, sliced almonds and an oreo crust!!! YUMMY.

The night was great! We talked and talked and talked. Laughed, reminisced, laughed, discussed our past, present and future and did so without interruptions! It was a great night out. We headed to the local Chapters to walk around and digest our lovely filling meal.

We got back home, all of the kids were in bed...it was great! A nice memory! No more KEG gift cards, no more fun overnight Christmas parties anymore. I will miss that, but I feel happy for Cliff and his new job!

He starts Monday! not too bright and early either! That is good because my husband is not a MORNING person...and for the past 10 years he has had to be a morning person! He will have his own truck and phone by Friday! Yay Cliff! I am so happy for him.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's a Tuesday...

I remember when I used to work for a living (well a paid living that is LOL) that Tuesdays would be the day EVERYTHING we did would go wrong! I worked at a large printing company as an inside sales assistant (to the maximus!!!) and things just didn't go right on Tuesdays. The guy I worked for at the time (John) would say to me

"It's a Tuesday"

and still to this day on Tuesdays I still hear his voice and have a chuckle over that.

So, today It's a Tuesday! The power has been flickering on and off 2x's today! Today is Cliff's last day at work!! Yay Cliff! You done good hubby! And he has few days off and starts his new position on Monday! SO EXCITING! I am so proud of you Cliff!!

The weather has been crazy, the kids have been really good today! Yay me! LOL. And just weird calls and people ringing our door bell etc. Just weird. Add that all in with a teething, grumpy baby and the wind, rain and stuff. Makes it a Tuesday!

I am really hoping that the rain/snow/wind etc. will stay away tonight so that Cliff and I can go for a planned celebratory dinner!! The best plans can be made, and then...life happens right! Hopefully we will still be able to make it out! No power = no dinner.

I hope you all are having a good Tuesday! Mine has been good! Really good! Laundry is almost done, I have boiled water on the stovetop. Vacuuming is done!

Ready for ANYTHING!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I see I have not had any comments since Christmas Eve? I wonder if something is going wrong with Blogger?

IF you have tried to make a comment and it is not working, could you please send me an email?!

Thanks. I know my Mom had troubles. I wonder if there are more of you having the same issues?


****UPDATED TO ADD***** I found all of the comments...duh. I had a blonde mom moment. If you run down the posts I have commented to you all in every post! Thank you and happy new year!!!

How can it be Saturday night already?

Well, this week has been busy! What else can I say? Yesterday was a good day, and I had a nice afternoon with Catie and Caroline. (the 3 olders went to visit N & G and bake cookies!) So, when Catie got up from her nap, she sat on my lap and got all cozy. It was lovely. We must have sat together for a good 15 minutes just snuggling. Caroline, well my little baby is growing up! She is now pulling up to a stand on everything! She pulls up onto my legs too so I get stuck lol. She tried grated cheese, mashed avocado and baby cookies today! She was loving it ALL!! I forgot how fun it is to watch babies eat by themselves! Thoroughly enjoyable!

Oh yeah, last night I went out with a friend for a bit of shopping and a coffee. It was SOOOO nice to hang out with a friend and just chat and not have to worry about the kids running around! Lots of fun. That was the highlight of my weekend so far. Those coffee outings are far and few between! In this new year I hope to do more of that.

The kids, well they are so glad school is back in session come Monday! Carly is back in preschool too! She is excited to start her new school. I am happy for her, but I am going to miss her happy and loving little lovey around our home. I am going to miss that!! I know she is going to LOVE her preschool.

Today, well we managed to squeeze in 4 dental appointments for Cameron, Claire, Carly and myself. Cliff, well he has to wait now until his probationary period is up around mid April 2007. Then, I will book him in!

I also purchased my whitening gel for my custom trays!! Yipee! Can you tell I am excited?! Tonight, I start whitening my teefers!! lol. 2 weeks to a whiter and brighter smile! I am saving up for ZOOM whitening in the future. No cavities for any of us!

Tonight we made tacos, and the kids helped clean up the dinner mess! It was awesome. You know what the motivator was for them? 2 Lifesavers...each. And, the clean up was a breeze! Who knew a bribe (well OK reward lol) works! I like it, I like it a lot.

Tomorrow, well...I am going to help a friend get organized. I am working on her "Room of Shame" for 3-4 hours with her! We are going to purge and figure out an organizational plan for her. I will be busy for the month of Jan and Feb working on many organizational challenges! I am very excited and I will be taking before and afters!! So, watch for that!

That is about it. Cliff has only 2 days of work left! Yipee!

Monday, I am back to my healthy eating and exercising plan.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hump Day

It is a Wednesday, and we are FINALLY starting to get through all of the craziness of the past holiday season. How many days until School is back in session?! That would be: 5 more days!

Really though, I am not complaining. I have actually had a REALLY great time with ALL of my kids and getting in extra loving from them, and giving them extra loving when I can! It has been fun to watch them enjoying (well maybe more like DESTROYING) their new toys and dolls! If you want toy testers...send the items our way! We would be more than happy to do that for you lol.

Caroline is now 8 months old! Bottom middle tooth is popping through, and 3 more teeth are working their way through her gums. Poor little babe. She is in so much pain, and is DROOLIN up a storm.

Not much else to report really. My dear FIL saw 3 docs/appointments yesterday. He will have to go see an oncologist to talk about doing chemotherapy (preventative therapy) so I am not so sure about all that. I guess we will find out more info as it becomes available to us.

Cliff is looking forward to starting his new job soon!! He has about 1 week left until he is finished with his current employer! He is getting excited now about his new position, and is so happy be done with his long commutes to the city!! Yay Cliff.

As for me, well. Not much going on! Just working and plugging away as per usual! I am going to start running again next week. I NEED to for my own sanity.