Friday, August 08, 2008

The Van - Update

That van, was sold. Darn it, the dealership never got our email.

Anyways, we are still looking, and there is another 15 passenger van on the horizon. We took a look at it last night, and just need to arrange for a drive with it, and make sure the seatbelt situation will work with all of our carseats/booster seat issues. We have one now out of booster seats, and 5 other kids that have seats!

It is looking very possible, that this van will be good. If not, there is a van sale going on through GM, and we could get in on that this weekend. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Is this the one on 32nd (or another one?) Just curious! :-)
Love you and good luck with whatever you find/get. I'm excited for you guys. xo Andrea

ticblog said...

wishing you luck, Cathy!