Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It still isn't over yet

Here we are in the wee small hours of Wednesday. The first sign of puke was at 9 pm on Saturday night, and here we are at Wednesday morning. My machines are seriously working overtime. I am running out of cleaning supplies, and perhaps my patience level. I feel like this is some huge joke being played on Cliff and I.

Finally, we get a late dinner in. Cliff is starting to feel better, but he has a headache. I seriously switch over another load of laundry into the dryer (this is Claire's bedding from tonight as she didn't make it into the bucket or the towels all over her bed...) I had Cliff walking down to the sink in the laundry room with another set of bedding covered in throw up. That would be Caroline's bedding. She needed a complete change of bedding AGAIN from yesterday. And she needed a bath.

And I spoke too soon about throw up on the carpet. Of course our dear Carly threw up pink chunks all over the white carpet. But, I bought a great carpet cleaner that worked so well we cannot even see where it happened! It is called 'Oxy Clean - Carpet' and we are very impressed with it.

My poor family. And now we have Claire worried about everybody being sick, and worried that all of us are dying. Like Grandpa did. Carly needed us to shut her window and she got out of bed and came to us and asked us to lock the window as she thought she heard wolves (but they were dogs) and they scared her awake. Catie asked her Nonna if she is healthy...they are all processing their grief of their momentus loss of their Grandpa.

Oh, and Cameron when he woke up from his sleep after getting sick (he threw up this afternoon on their walk to get ingredients for dinner...) he thought he was waking up to a brand new day. I thanked him for not throwing up in the house, and he smiled! LOL.

I am getting exhausted and wonder what the rest of the night will bring. I am thinking the puke is maybe part of the grieving process?! Not being able to tell us what is wrong and their bodies just acting out...poor babies. Poor Cliff.

It is a good thing I bought myself pretty pink rubber gloves a few weeks back! They sure are getting some good use.

I cannot believe it is another late night of cleaning up. I cannot believe how much cleaning I have done, and laundry I have done lately.

I have to go fold some more laundry now.


Carol said...

our lives are parrallel mine is just half the size :) xx

The Hoegler Family said...

Oh my Cathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Love, Hege

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Holy doodles ! What is with you guys and puking ?

My heart is with you. It is by far the worst thing to deal with , and you have it x 6 ! YIKES !!!!

Irma said...

Ahh Cathy...I hope it goes away as swiftly as it appeared. I feel for you. The worst we've had it was when our sixth baby was 3 months and everybody had it coming out both ends! Gross! It is never fun to deal with sick kids especially in such huge quantities...sanity only prevails if Mom gets enough uninteruppted sleep! Hang in there....hopefully soon you can all enjoy summer days again. Hugs yo you!