Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I spoke too soon

Cameron has now joined in on the fun, but he was very thoughtful and puked on a walk home with his Dad from the store. No clean up.

Now, we are working on 'fun' from the other end of several bodies around here.

That leaves Courtney and me. I won't get it will I!!!??


LauraC said...

Puke fest started back up in our house too! Alex again, we are still trying to get them in bed an hour later but Alex keeps puking!

Carol said...

In some ways it sucks that its so many at once but in some ways its better just to be all over with. It was a full week between girls at our place. Tessa is still gagging.

Angie said...

Hi! I found your other blog a loooong time ago (Organized Junkie) and decided to POP over here for a visit.

I'm so impressed with the love your heart holds for children. They're the best investment we could ever have. Very cute kids!

Also, I'm training for a half (maybe full) marathon at the moment as well. How are things going for you and when is the big day? Good luck!

Angie said...

Oops ... I mean, one organized chick (too bad you don't live closer to me) :) Ha, ha.

FunkyMomma said...

Oh my goodness. I think you are gonna need another "Gil Treatment"when all this is over and everyone is well. I feel for you!
Thinking healthy thoughts!!