Monday, November 24, 2008

Growing Pains (mine)

Courtney is walking a lot these days, and at times she still crawls. She smiles a lot, and we hear a lot of Mama, Ba ba ba. (The kids tell me they taught her that LOL) and Da Da. And babble. When her two fingers are out of her mouth. She is LOVES her fingers. She also likes to bite! She has 8 teeth (and counting) and I am still nursing her. That will be done with soon I hope. I am ready to let that go. She is not :D

Courtney, now sticks her feet in the air when we dress her. We say FEET, and voila...the feet are right there. I think she says Poo Poo too. But, hey she does a lot of that LOL. We talk about EVERYTHING in our house! LOL.

Oh, I say kiss...and pucker up and make a kiss sound and she does it back with a lean in. OOohhh and she also hugs when I say hug. Got to love a one year old! They sure grow up so quickly!

We try to give words, even if they do not yet have them. The other day I was showing her the light switch in the garage. We would push on and say light on, and then push switch off, and say light off. She LOVED that! 

Anyways. I wanted to remember these days, so I am going to record stuff like this when the opportunity strikes.

I have been feeling rather sad over this whole not going to have any more kids business. Suck it up sista right!


Anonymous said...

Come on Cathy, you know, what's really one more when you already have 6? he he.

Allyson said...

The Bean is most certainly coming into her own. Isn't it wonderful to watch the growth of your children. She is such a little darling and will always enjoy being the Baby of the Family. xxxooo

The secret word verification is so fitting:
vill, which if you stretch it = 8! xx

Yvonne said...

I understand in one way it sucks to know and live no more babies but yet it gives its own excitment and adventure .... enjoy them while they are young ... so everyone tells me !! :o)

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

I know the feeling of not believing this one is the last one. Stephen hasn't even had "the little procedure" but I know that Nolan is our last one.

Courtney is growing up so quickly and she's beautiful. She's growing up in a fabulous, loving family. She couldn't ask for anything more.

Alyson said...

No not suck it it up ;)
you are just relishing the moments. I think it is quite o.k to be a little sad about it.

ticblog said...

I'm with Alyson on this one. There was some sadness mixed in with the joy of watching Serejane (my last) go through all her firsts. And, it's OK to celebrate the end of things too - like the end of nursing, the end of diaper days... there is something really fantastic about being able to say, "Let's go!" and the children can all get their own coats and boots on... trust me, you'll love it.