Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, we had a visit from the exterminator yesterday. Our house was walked through, mouse dropping looked for, mirrors to look around the exterior of our house. Some chicken wire placed where needed. We are baited, and trapped. I could sleep last night, but Cliff could not. I think he really hated to kill that mouse. Thankfully he did it, because I have never seen a mouse jump that high! Wow. They can sure jump.

As for today, report cards came out. I am happy with their progress, we see a bit of improvement with Claire which was nice to read. So, they got some 'Hugs' after a pizza dinner tonight. They deserved a treat! Cameron is out with his 'girlfriend' at a school movie tonight. LOL. He sure loves her! 

As for this weekend, it is going to very busy. But that is the way of a household of eight. I was very thankful today for my van. It was well used today, and no troubles with herding the kids in and out. I LOVE that, as for many years I struggled with the small van. 

We have diorama to complete, outfits for Sunday brunch with Santa to find. Outfits for the school Christmas concert for the three kids. (Why do they make us get different outfits EVERY year...why could they not have a 'uniform' look for the kids and just by accessories every year.) Who knows. What else to do: Put up a shelf, take photos of my living room that is done! Develop some photos for in the frames I have purchased. Soon a 'family' wall will begin! Whoo hoo. Rent a tux, and a suit for my sisters wedding in January. And of course shopping. 

Speaking of shopping I haven't even done a list for Christmas. I am so not in a Christmas way. I know on the other side of the family they are not celebrating this year. We feel the same way, but we have to move on and continue with our traditions with the kids. 

Yes, so I need to write up my list and get on it! I am booked with many photo sessions (I am thankful to be able to provide a bit extra this year!!) so that is amazing! I am actually booked every weekend pretty much until mid March '09. 

So much to do. So little time. I have to make my master list and SHOP until I drop LOL. It will all get done, but I know it is going to be an exhausting month ahead. 

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Michelle said...

I'm happy that the mouse was taken care of.I know when We lived in Vancouver there was a cat who would take care of it.That is so wonderful you're busy with photography.maybe in april or may we'll book a session?? ( wink wink nudge nudge)