Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where to begin?

What a week we have had. A crazy week.

First there is a head lice outburst in Claire's class. So now we have to check her hair (so far so good) and then this morning, I am up...I am sitting on the toilet going pee. I discover that my cycle has come back (nice timing) and what runs right in front of me but a little mouse. A speedy mouse. I yell A MOOOOUUUSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Really loud. I am jumping off the toilet. Cliff runs into the bathroom  slams the door shut to the bathroom leaving the mouse and I together. He bolts and the mouse runs UNDER the door into the bedroom. Freaky morning.

What happened to the mouse. Well, it decided to run under the two fabric cubes in our room. We grab my reflectors, a Lego box. Some towels and we block it off. This was an exercise in TEAMWORK. Practically all of the kids helped. We blocked him off. We had to get it (by that I mean Cliff my HERO killed it) My arms were a shaking. I was naked at that point LOL. CRAZY morning. What a morning. What a sight!! CRAZY! When do I fit Christmas stuff in?

I made my husband stay home today as I have the creeps. I am scared now. He is calling an mouse guy to help us out. 

Hopefully this is an isolated incident, and HOW did the mouse get UPSTAIRS and from where. EEK! We had mice in the garage months back. Yuck.

As for my cycle that has returned...I haven't had one since February 24th 2007. That is just over 21 months (a record for sure) That was my LMP when I was pregnant with Coco. So, today is bittersweet. Yesterday in 1998 we conceived our first child Cameron. Funny how these things go.

Well, off to do the rest of the day. 


ticblog said...

I'm not a fan of mouse in the house. I'll come and step on the next one for ya ;)

Yvonne said...

Oh ... to have been a fly on your wall this morning :o)

21 months ... I hope you enjoyed that "time off". 10 years to the day ... wow!

FunkyMomma said...

I had 22 months off and I LOVED IT!!

Boooo to returning cycle! And to that mouse.
That's nice that Cliff took a mouse day though.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I am NOT laughing at your misfortune with the mouse in the house... I am laughing at what I had pictured in my head at what you described as you were all rallying to get it! (Poor mouse, he must have been terrified... and then met his demise...) Aw. Sorry you got creeped out. Maybe it was a one-off incident? (Let's hope).
Love you. Andrea xo

The Gilbert Family said...

EEK! Not sure I would be overly thrilled with a mouse in my house either!!
Use lots of hairspray to keep the lice away.... remember they like clean hair!!!

Kerry said... about a hairy day!