Monday, November 17, 2008

A little of this. and that.

It has been a super busy weekend, too much on the go, but all good.

On Saturday night we went out bowling with our cousins, that was hoot! Thank you Apes for blogging about it

And, of course today was Courtney's 1st Birthday/Party and thankfully my Mom blogged it here

And yes, I took lots of photos too, it is just a matter of getting them off of my cameras! Yes, I said cameras! 

I also will post Coco's birthday post, just not enough time to blog it completely!

Happy Monday!


ticblog said...

I'm excited to see pictures - I can't beieve Courtney-poop is a YEAR already!

AmberP said...

I went and checked out Coco's pictures on your moms page!!! She is so stinkin' cute and I still can't believe that she is one already :)
Can't wait to see more pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday COCO! Wow, time sure does fly.
Your kids are super cute! Looks like you also stay super busy! I only have two to wrangle!

Poot and Boogie said...

Happy birthday COCO can't wait to see dolly pictures!

ticblog said...

Cameras... We have that problem. Last count I was over 20 combined film SLR, dSLR, vintage, antique, collector, and you, film P&S, and digital P&S. I think I need help.