Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday

This week seemed to me like a week that just kept playing on repeat. Like a groundhog kind of week.

Our living room has almost come together, just need to drag one chair downstairs, put on the slip cover, move one more chair over and voila. A LIVING room, that will not be used as a playroom anymore. We are taking the room back! The toys (which really were very little) are out of there. We are finally feeling like the room is cozy, inviting and warm. A place where we are happy to have family and friends into. Instead of an empty, cold room. Feels great! I cannot wait to take a photo when it is done. I would think this weekend would be the weekend to get it all done. So far, so good with the kids in there too. We even bought side tables. and on the side tables are lamps. We haven't had side tables or lamps for SOOOO long. It just feels awesome.

It just feels like a happy place. As does the family room. We have flanked the fireplace with tall black brown LACK shelves. We have 'library' in there of all of the kids' books. They LOVE it! And, we moved the toys into that area as well. Just looking for cozy throws, we have one horizontal LACK shelf to place over top the TV. The TV now sits on a new bench. And, we have our eyes on a new computer desk, as I require the white desk for more organization in my office. I also purchased six frames. Those six frames will house a photo of each of the kids to then sit on the LACK shelf. Got that all LOL.

Add to that, the day to day grind. A return trip to IKEA last night to return a damaged coffee table. And, also to find that the two pieces of art for the wall went on SALE!! we had 90 dollars refunded. Whoo hoo!!

So yes. A busy, crazy week filled with my day to day stuff, walks in the rain and wind. And my photography as well. Oh, and a diorama that needs to be completed by Cameron on the Plains Indians. Due in three weeks!! We started a list, we worked through the process. Started a project box. Collected the items from home that work. And wrote out a shopping list. And, explained to him how to create a legend so that he has a 'master plan' or overview of the diorama. I also realized that I will have five more Plains Indian diorama's in my future. Chances are they will have the same teacher. Will the teacher notice is we 'recycle and reuse' the project over six times (with variations). And, where will I store them all LOL

Where to fit in Christmas I do not know. We started our list, and now to check it twice!!

So yes. There you have a quick update. I hope to have photos up of Courtney's birthday sometime this weekend, and then photos of our updated rooms too.

Happy Friday!

Cathy xo


Kerry said...

I can't wait to see the photos!!

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy... Looking forward to the shots of the updated room!Love you. xo Andrea

ticblog said...

Egads. We're spending our weekend in cooking heaven. We're doing our Christmas project and I am SO excited!

Irma said...! lol
Sounds like you've been keeping busy like usual!
Have a good week end!

AmberP said...

Cannot wait for the pictures... I can kind of see it in my head but I need a visual ;)
Day to day grind is tough - but Christmas will be around the corner and it will be time to celebrate!