Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our life is never boring

Yesterday, we had an awesome day. IT was a pro-d day, and so I had all six kids to myself :D so we deep cleaned. And deep cleaned and then some more. I keep them busy until the time Cliff walked through the door. I will not go into great details, but let me just say we cleaned up like how I have wanted to since before Courtney was born. It just worked yesterday so we went for it. We got a lot accomplished and we wanted to reward the kids with some ice cream and chocolate hard sauce. BUT...this is where the day went wrong. 

THROW UP. Yes, I said throw up. Puke. Cameron threw up first, then Courtney five minutes later. Then we started going to bed, and then it was Carly, and then Caroline. And then we finally got to bed (Cliff and I around 3 in the morning.) I love my husband because he takes on the throw up, and tackles it and sends me to bed. LOVE him.

Then, this morning all was good. Caroline threw up a bit, and on Cliff too. More clean up. We wanted to go back to IKEA, as there was a good sale on a couple of items we have been wanting for our family room. So, we loaded into the van with our PUKE KIT. And on our way...poor little Courtney threw up. Not a lot, but enough to cancel our trip to IKEA. So, we are back home...hoping and praying for no more throw up. So, we drove by the local VV, and picked up 4 metal bowls...we are hard core now :D

And, of course the MANY many loads of laundry left to go. I am thankful Cliff is home today. I know this will be a Remembrance day to remember! 


Kerry said...

Wow...I raked the leaves yesterday. LOL! Although, I have deep clean envy. I've been itching to do that too.

(And Capt. Puke Cleanup is definitely a keeper!)


Alyson said...

yay for puke kits!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! Not another Empey puke-fest! What the heck do you think caused that??? Hopefully it will all be over soon and you can make your trip to Ikea (and our cousins night on Sat! You can't leave Nanny with puking kids!)AND, I hope the you and Cliff escape it as well! Stay healthy. BTW, your hubby is SUCH a great guy! Tell him that from me, okay? Love to you all. Andrea xo