Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

Well, you probably wonder if I have driven away in my big old van, or perhaps ran out of gas somewhere LOL. That is not the case, it has just been overwhelmingly busy to the point where I feel like a chicken with its head cut off.

I have a scratchy voice still (trying to remedy with zinc lozenges), it seems this week at school it is really busy with preparing items for Christmas shoe boxes, play dates, hot lunch order forms, reading x 2. Math homework, spelling practice x 2, social studies homework. Lunch preparation, throw in a garbage and recycling day (we recycle quite a lot with a household of our size) and then of course everything else. Like two kids in diapers, remembering to put vitamin E oil on Catie's scar daily. Writing Christmas wish lists, replying to parties etc. 'Tis the Season as they say. Throw in 3 boudoir photo shoots done last last weekend...and watch Mom go nuts. Well only slightly. LO.L. I am just thankful I have a husband that is 100% supportive of what I am doing with my life. That has been unbelievably great! SO thank you Cliff if you read this. I love how you care for us all like that. Love you Cliff.

It has been a crazy week. And on top of that, we went without heat in our home for 3 days until we could locate a part. Thankfully we did. We have a warm house now, and I am thankful for that. And for the quiet drives in in our new van.

When we pulled up to the house on Monday in the new van, the kids were jumping up and down and screaming like it was the most exciting Christmas morning EVER. In fact, almost all of the kids HUGGED our new van LOL. I wish I could have recorded that moment. I honked the horn and they went nuts. Good times! And, we have already had a 'playdate' in the van the other day. It was LOVELY to be able to bring along a friend in the van.

The balance of the week, well a run tonight for me. And a night out with my photog. friends. I always look forward to those evenings! Most likely homework tonight. It seems every night all 3 kids have homework of some sort. And tomorrow, well it is Friday, I have an appointment tomorrow evening, and then a candle party to attend! I need my Christmas candles to scent up the house. We need a good Christmas this year, so I am going to do my best to make it a good one. As, this year is another 'first' without Grandpa around. And, we pulled out our Christmas music. It will go into our van etc. next week around Remembrance Day. It is NEVER too early for music. We love it that way. Oh, and I am looking forward to Starbucks Peppermint Mochas. MMMMmmmm. And more runs. And of course, working on my duties for my little sisters wedding. That is coming up at the end of January! We cannot wait.

So there you go. A look at my week. It has been rather crazy, only to get more crazy. But, hey I would rather be busy than bored. Boring is not fun!


Anonymous said...

Love the update cuz... I read it and I just have to shake my head...(I get so overwhelmed just reading how busy you guys are!) and I have to compliment you and Cliff (again) - you guys ALWAYS amaze me...
Lots of love to you! Andrea xo

Kerry said...

Wow...zoom zoom zoom! You can't say that you're bored at all with everything going on! (And I think you should pimp out that ride...LOL!)

The Gilbert Family said...

Mmmmmmmm Peppermint my mouth is watering!!
So glad you are enjoying your new van! How wonderful that you can fit a few extra kids for after school fun!
And way to go with your photography! You are doing a wonderful job Cathy!!!