Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Coco's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday! Courtney inspecting her coconut cake and cupcake.

Some of the party guests awaiting their cupcakes.

Still waiting LOL

Courtney with her Poot and Boogie dolly made custom for her (and earth friendly!!) She loves it! Ooh how we love the dolly! She even has Coco embroidered on her little bottom. Thank you Leanna! You rock!

Our happy 1 year old, enjoying her day! (Donut Hair clippie by Cynthia) FINALLY a child that has a bit of hair on their first birthday! Woo! Love those clips C!
Dress by Deux par Deux - Puddle Jumpers of Fort Langley, BC.

Her coconut cake, made by Shawna who makes THE BEST cakes! Thank you!
A few from her birthday party...the last of the first birthdays our home will see! I guess now I wait for grandchildren.

We made the most of it, and I know she loved her special day! Here is a write up I did on her actual day...better late than never I always say.

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Allyson said...

It was a day fit for a fairy princess like Coco. What a little doll she is! But then look who I'm telling that to. xxx