Sunday, January 04, 2009

Umm...Day 4 and making changes to my resolutions already.

I think I have a Starbucks addiction, and I cannot go without. I don't treat myself to very much, and either does Cliff. I have had Starbucks twice in the last four days. 

Yesterday, a no fat no whip mocha (paid by lotto winnings--don't get too excited it was only 25 dollars) and then today our lovely Barista (Adam--knows us by first name LOL) bought ours for us tonight. 

So, if we use Airmiles to cash in for a gift card, or somebody treats us then fine, I will have Starbucks. I will not PAY for Starbucks for the next six months.

Ahhh. I feel better already. That tea thing was really good. I cannot wait to have another one! I cannot pronounce it, and I myself would not be a great Barista, but I like to taste their lovely creations. It is our new fave! 


Poot and Boogie said...

I read your no starbucks for 6 months and thought there is no way I can do that. I used to work there, and I love it too much to give it up. I did however make a resolution to only drink tea drinks which is just fine by me, and low and behold I go there yesterday and they have a whole new selection of "tea" drinks. I am wondering if you had a vanilla earl grey tea misto? also know as a London fog. The barista talked me into trying the London fog version but in my opinion it's not as good and for the same ingredients it over a dollar more!!!

so order this:

a tall, vanilla, non fat, earl grey tea misto!!! yumm yumm!!

Cathy said...

Hey I learn something new every day!

It was this:
Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte
Full leaf African rooibos tea(naturally caffiene free), also known as red tea, paired with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. Sweetened with classic syrup and topped with steamed milk and velvety foam.

(copied off of the starbucks website)

I will try your drink next ;D

LauraC said...

You are going to laugh but I only buy Starbucks using the change Jon leaves around the house. He always has change from using cash when traveling so I collect it all. Our grocery store has a change machine (Coinstar) where you can enter coins and get Starbucks gift cards. That is my little morning treat when Jon is gone and I need some extra zip.

Poot and Boogie said...

and I will try yours!

FunkyMomma said...

I agree London Fog's are to die for! I am not sad about you falling off the wagon! LOL! When's our next coffee date!? xo

Anonymous said...

You know Cath, I can think of worse "addictions". I am going to have to try your friends suggestion (earl grey tea misto thing) - that sounds yummy. Happy New Year and to hell with resolutions... LOL. Just kidding! Love ya. Andrea xo

Cathy said...

Andrea LOL. I am still going on the others...sort of LOL.