Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Weekend Here

Some design inspiration. I think our bedroom will be a peaceful, calm white. With a pop of colour. LOVING the white. I LOVE white very much. We have lived in a BROWN house for three years and I know I am not a dark brown kind of girl. I need light and airy.

I think i will do white in my new office as well! Cannot wait to dream in our new place!


Wow! The boxes are reaching the ceiling! We are getting there with our packing! I am really thankful the sunshine decided to come out for this weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous out today!

It is weird living basically out of boxes. It is weird knowing that this is IT! Next weekend we will be busy unpacking and getting our new house feeling like our HOME.

Still trying to come up with a new blog name. The right one hasn't hit me yet! Just like this move hasn't hit me yet!

Time for a glass of wine.

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