Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not Ready

We are not ready for Christmas. I have to say, we are not really in the mood for it all. But we go along with it for the kids. We really could care less if we trimmed a tree, or even buy presents. We are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the season this year. With the loss of Cliff's Dad in June, well it still hurts and we just don't feel all of that celebratory. If I could just skim over Christmas, I think it would be better. BUT, with kids we have to keep moving forward.

We have barely started our Christmas shopping. We are going to try to get it all done on Sunday. I have a list to write still, and well we hope to get a tree this weekend as well. 

Today, our three big kids have their annual Christmas Concert at school. They have three one hour performances. That last one being 7:15 makes for a late evening. The video camera is being charged up for the big event. They are usually very heart warming. I know the kids cannot wait to sing and do all of the actions that go along with their songs.

I am in the middle of hill training tonight and I cannot miss, so I get to miss out this year unfortunately. I will watch the tape. This will be my 5th year of concerts and being a part of this school with the kids. Time flies that is for sure! Next year I will have 4 kids in the 'system' which I find hard to believe, because the first year of Kindergarten for Cameron I was VERY pregnant with Catie, and I had her on what would have been Cameron's meet and greet the teacher (I had to reschedule that one LOL) and now Catie is entering K in September. That will leave me with only two little ones at home. How very strange and sad.

Well, I have to run! Plenty of activity today!


Kerry said...

I think you'll be feeling a bit more festive after the Christmas concerts tonight... :)

Laura said...

I hear you! Let's both aim for a tree this weekend :) We understand completely...we will get through this 1st...but will Christmas ever get easier?
Hang in..and I know we will get through it :)