Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas DYK

DYK or Did You Know:

  • We cannot put presents under our tree until Christmas Eve after the kids are all sleeping.
  • We only have stockings hung up (also Christmas Eve) for the six kids.
  • We bring home a live tree instead of a fake. We had a fake tree the first Christmas we celebrated, when Cameron was born we then decided to go fresh green tree.
  • Our tree has white lights and all decorations made by our kids.
  • Our good decorations are packed up until we know they will be safe!
  • I have never cooked a turkey dinner
  • I spoiled my own Christmas when I was a kid, I found all of the presents hidden for us kids. Since that moment I have never cheated like that ever again. 
  • This is our twelfth Christmas together.


AmberP said...

I love it!!

Carol Kerfoot said...

I'm pretty sure we are the same girl.

point one, three, four six, seven, and eight are all true for me too! LOL

we hang out stockings early including me and bob and we put all decorations on our white light tree good and bad! Other than that...all true!