Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day!

I love boxing day. I love Christmas too, but there is something to be said for packing up, and cleaning up and getting a chance at a fresh start. Especially with all of this snow we have been getting!

We are stuck at home. I haven't been out of the house since my pathetic run around the mall on Tuesday evening. Our road is too bad for us to get out. I am feeling rather bloated, house bound and ready to get a start on my Happy New Year that is for sure! 

This year was not a great one for us, and I look forward to greeting 2009 with a sense of rebirth and a way to start over! I will not be birthing any kids in 2009, I will not be pregnant in 2009. It appears that I still will be breastfeeding in 2009. (OK Coco enough is enough LOL) and I truly just want a fresh start! 

We usually take everything down on Boxing Day (we go for the literal use of the term!!) and bring our house back to neutral. BUT, we have family coming over on the 28th to do our annual appy and gift exchange. I look forward to that. SO, we will leave up the tree and put away most of the decor. 

Cliff is outside shovelling our drive way AGAIN. I am sore from shovelling snow. I wonder when I will be able to get out and get stuff done. 

Last night my BIL (to be) my sis Amy, and parents came over with a complete turkey dinner! As I have said we have been house-bound. So, thankfully Tyler has a 4wd in his truck. After their shifts they drove from Vancouver to get my parents and all of the food, and drove them and the food to our place. LOVELY, unplanned and fun! We just hosted (we were prepared to have turkey tacos) and we had a really late night dinner around 9 pm and it was just a lovely low key Christmas. My MIL joined us and it was much better than what we had pictured in our heads.

Well, time to start some of that clean up! 


Carol Kerfoot said...

cleanned up with the exception of the undecorated tree in the living room....normally I would shove it outside but I am afraid if I open the sliding door that the snow will avalanche into my dining room LOL! Happy Boxing Day!

FunkyMomma said...

I think that's what is keeping me from ripping it all down while we are house bound. Its been since Monday for me!
I am glad that you had a great Christmas. I was thinking about you and Cliff and the kids yesterday and was a little sad for the one you were missing. Grateful for who was at my table last night.
I love low key Christmases!!

Irma said...

Funky momma wrote about Land of Nod cinnamon buns...and the recipe is??? Could you send it to me?! Thanks..always up for something easy! Glad you still had a good Christmas. (-:

LauraC said...

Merry Christmas Cathy and family! I still can not believe everything you have accomplished in 2008 (lost 80 lbs and started a business and had six kids WOW) and can't wait to hear what you do in 2009.

Cathy said...

Irma, I sent you an email to you with the recipe! Enjoy. I think your family will require maybe 2 pans :D