Monday, December 08, 2008

Getting out tonight

I was all set to go for an extra run this evening, I even arranged this with my running group yesterday. ONLY to look on my desk at home and remember that I am going to see Robin Williams TONIGHT with Cliff and another couple. Good thing i checked. I cannot wait to get out tonight! So, I will run extra hard this week and add on a run on Friday. 

It has been very busy around here. Two Christmas parades, bits of Christmas shopping. SOOOOOOO not done, unlike last year where we online shopped and were done before Courtney was born! So hopefully a tree on the weekend. 

Tonight will mark night two of no nursing for Coconut. She is not happy about that, but hey she sure is enjoying her sippy cup full of milk. She has figured it out folks. There is hope that this nursing will be finished in time for my sisters wedding at the end of January!


AmberP said...

How was your night out!?!?
So glad you could take a night JUST for you guys :)
(Btw, check out my blog... I tagged you!)

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sure you have more experience with Potty training than me :) Here's hoping #2 will go smoothly but somehow I doubt it!