Friday, September 26, 2008

The Cathy?!

(A rare photo on yours truly!) 

OK, so MY hair is not as popular as Jennifer Aniston's aka 'The Rachel'  hairstyle of the mid 1990's.

But I have a fun story to share with you all anyways. Today, a friend of mine Kristy walks up to me to show me her new do. And she said she went to see Crystal (my awesome hair stylist!) 

 Anyways, Kristy asked for 'The Cathy' cut. And prior to that my friend Carol went to see my hair stylist to get a haircut like me! (and Crystal told Carol that she has the same kind of hair like me too!)

Well, I just have to say that I LOVE what Crystal has done for them both! You both look fabulous, and do I! LOL. 

Crystal, thank you for always helping me look my best, and make me feel my best. And thank you for giving my friends great hair too! Just makes all feel fab! We love that.

PS. The hair style I have is actually a modified version of 'The POSH' bob  or the 'POB' cut worn by Victoria Beckham. Which I absolutely love! So thank you Posh Spice!! (oohhh I am showing my age now LOL) 

You have helped us ladies in our corner of the world get a style that is awesome, trendy and easy to fix in the morning! We love that!

Happy Friday!

PS. My sister April is rockin 'The Cathy' too! Take a look here! Isn't she gorgeous!!  xo


Shawna said...

I love it & you are lovely.

The "Cathy" cut suits you to a tee!

I wish my hubby would let me do "the cathy"!

xo, *S

Deanna said...
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The Hoegler Family said...

You always look great Cathy!
I asked for the new short Victoria Beckham style when I went to the haidresser on Thursday. I like it, it's so easy, but very short and a bit more spiky than Posh's, since my hair doesn't have wave to it.
Have great week!
Love, Hege

Carol said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHHAAAAA We want to be YOU when we grow up!!!

I am going to call her right now for a trim!!! Love Kristys colour heh???

Carol said...

Deanna? Do you want to be Cathy too?

Carol said...

Oh and BTW I used to have Jennifers hair too!!! LOL

Cathy said...

Love you guys :D

Yes Carol! Kristy's colour is fab!! Crystal did a great job!