Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday - Bye Bye Summer

Time for a family update. Today, I have three kids going for a play date at my friend Lisa's. She will have 9 kids there this afternoon. I know the kids are excited about it. I am heading out with my hubby and remaining three kids to go do some errands. This morning I ran, and now I am really hungry so I think I will treat myself to something yummy.

The weeks have been OK, and the kids are settling into school nicely. On the home-front? Well, there could be changes but that is all up in the air for now. Cliff and I have been doing a lot of talking this week, and making sure we are doing the right things for our kids etc. It is so hard to be sure we are making the right choices. 

Cameron is settling into grade four nicely, and is finding the more homework sometimes too much. He took a hip hop class with his friend on Friday night. He really enjoyed it.

Claire is doing awesome at school this year, and is really enjoying the laid-back grade two teacher. And I think she is finally developing her confidence level which is WONDERFUL.

Carly, well she loves being at school all day in her grade one class. She is in a classroom with pretty much all new kids, but she of course has adapted so easily. We love that about her.

Catie, now a wonderful four year old. She is so wise, and so helpful. She is a joy to be around, and I love her soft rubs on my shoulder in the morning. She is a morning person like her Mom. She is up, bed made and clothes on for the day. Love that! 

Caroline, she is such a wonderful, loud two year old. It is hard to believe that in May she will be three already. This morning she woke up crying saying she wanted to go pee pee in the toilet. She is certainly showing signs of readiness for toilet training! Go Caroline! Once she is done, that leaves us only one in diapers. That will cut the grocery bill significantly! 

Courtney, she is teething and has been very fussy lately. She is up during the night, biting me when I feed her (ouch!) and we see teeth buds under the skin. She climbs the stairs, and holds onto the bars to freak us out! She just smiles at us. She is a gal on the move who is now over 10 months old. Wow.

As for Cliff and I, well we are doing OK. I would say OK. Life hasn't been most pleasant for us these past months, and most recently the past week.  Oh the trials and tribulations of life. This too shall pass.

I have been doing a lot of photography lately, and working on my boudoir style of photography.  I am very passionate about this! It is great to make women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

So, there is my update...nothing too super, but it has been OK!

We are all OK. We are trudging through the muck. LOL.

Enjoy the last day of summer...


AmberP said...

I guess the theme of today's update is - OK! You guys will get through it all :) Cliff and you are wonderful parents, and I think it is very healthy to sit back and evaluate what you want for yourself and especially for your children!! Chins up... :)

Anonymous said...

Curious cuz, are you OK? I'm here if you want to write or talk. :-)
Love to you and your wonderful fam. xo Andrea