Sunday, September 07, 2008

Night before the first real week of school

It has been a lovely weekend. So much warmth with the sun out in full force. It has made the weekend go by too quickly I'd say. 

Tomorrow the kids finally get their teachers and their classrooms. I am happy with 2/3 placements, and I may have to go talk to the principal of the school if one of the kids' day does not go well. I will have to be very proactive with this year. Our school/school district has had too many negative changes made. So, I will really have to be on top of things this year.

So we are back to the busy part of the year, but enjoyable because the routine is back. Anyways, it is off to make lunches for us.

Tomorrow is Cliff's birthday, and the day after is Catie's 4th. Busy busy!

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Haley (Mum to Five) said...

Happy Birthday to Cliff and Catie.

This is our first full school week, have a good one!