Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunny Sunday!

Today has been a great day so far. My day started out with a 23.55 km run, I had an ice cap, and a toasted bagel (and a big cookie) from Timmy's. We drove around, looking for space for my photography. (No such luck) collected my watch that I threw along the beginning of my long run this morning--don't ask LOL.

We had a call from one cousin, and we picked up my hoodie from another cousin today. It was fun. I cannot believe how very quiet the house is. Cameron is out on a playdate with his friend Jennifer (and she put on LIPSTICK for him!! YIKES) he will be back soon. Cliff is out at the grocery store with three of the girls, so I have two girls at home! 

Anyways just a quick check in! Happy Sunday! Diaper duty calls!

PS Courtney said Dada yesterday, and she is walking with the aid of her walker! Wow. Our little baby is turning into a little lady! 


Irma said...

Way to go Courtney!

Irma said...

...oh yes and WHY was your watch thrown at the side of the road?! (-: I can't resist to ask....after all you just made me curious!

Cathy said...

Irma, well on my last run on last Wednesday night my watch died, and it went all weird (Timex Triathlon watch) and so Cliff said it was fixed. So, on my longest run on Sunday morning I had it running, and then it died on me AGAIN. I was frustrated and I threw it into the bush LOL.

I have it, and it just might need a new battery :D