Tuesday, September 09, 2008

@6:10 pm

Four years ago, on September 9th, 2004. The day after your Daddy I remember him REALLY wanting you to come out on his birthday so you both could share a day. That didn't happen, but you were worth the wait. You, our fourth child was born, after a quick labour a sweet little girl Catrina was born into our family. We worried through all of her pregnancy as I had an early miscarriage prior to her pregnancy. So, when she came out pink, beautiful and healthy we were relieved.

Catie as we call our beautiful little girl, is full of laughter, has legs of steel, can jump, she can climb up cupboards with her toes (like a monkey) her favourite colour is YELLOW, and everything to do with yellow. In fact, she says everything that is yellow belongs to her, well so she thinks anyways!

This Catie of ours, is the only one of any of our six children that look like me (well when I was younger LOL) and she has a great laugh, she gives great haircuts (remember the mullet-cut of July 2007!) and she has a big love for Mickey Mouse.

This girl can balance, she is a bundle of energy, and sleeps on three pillows every night, and of course under a knitted baby blanket that is...of course pale yellow.

She is small, but she is a powerhouse. I love watching how quickly and lightly you move about. You are silent, and you fit under your bed, the closet and other areas of the house. You can be so silent when you want to be, and so LOUD at other times. She is strong and stubborn and we just love her to pieces.

Catie, my darling little gal! How we love you and we hope you enjoyed your cake with four yellow roses (how fitting because I wanted to call you Caitlin Rose) and yellow writing. And of course four yellow candles on top.

We have really enjoyed watching you bloom and grow these past four years. I cannot believe how quickly you have grown. I cannot wait to see what wonderful things you do this year in your four year!

Love you babes xo


Jennifer said...

Aww!! Such a sweet post :)

Carol said...

are you sure you don't like orange Catie?

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and you eat lots of treats!

The Hoegler Family said...

Happy belated birthday Catie!

Love from Hege

ticblog said...

Happy belated, small fry!!!