Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A few for now...

This is a cup full of dirt, that I dropped in the house. Don't ask. I was trying to bring it to the kitchen, and I dropped it. Mud went from floor to the ceiling. This is mid summer.

This is from last week. We were in Osoyoos for a week. You can just see Caroline and Catie. And I think Cameron at the edge of the dock. We love it there!

Another view of the lake. Cameron did some knee boarding behind the white and red boat. (More photos to come--these are only off my camera phone)

And this has to be my fave of the summer. Courtney, sleeping on the bench.

More to come. Like Carly's TWO birthday parties. Her first one was very quiet and lonely. So, we had another one last night. I have photos from both on my new point and shoot. Need to take them off my camera.

And, we have Cliff's birthday coming up in less than a week, and Catie's turning 5 in one week. On her very first day of Kindergarten. Exciting times!


Hope Walls said...

Give Coco a kiss for me!!!!

And, seeing your mud, I should have snapped a pic of the kids' swimming pool, which they filled with dirt to play with cars and pretend to garden... and got left in the rain... ugh... lol

Anonymous said...

so cute to see where kids fall asleep when they are tired...mud, as bad as coffee grinds!!

Shawna said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!