Thursday, May 13, 2010

While you were working!

Lemon Meringue on the window ledge.

I think the pieces are oranges. Or maybe pie pieces. My kids like knives. They ALL have gone for the serrated knives over the years. Starting with Cameron. In fact, he used to suck his fingers. Until he cut his finger. He never sucked his fingers again. Now, history repeats with the knives, and the finger sucking. Courtney and Cameron were/are the only ones to suck their fingers. Not bad out of six kids! No more injuries by knife thank goodness. Only myself when trying to cook!

I think this was another 2 litre of milk. They tried to clean it up :D

I work a lot. I am running my family, running my business. Sometimes I get caught up (well a lot of the time) I get caught up on tasks. And things happen while I am working. Here are a few randoms I remember to snap as the days go by!

Remember, it is all my fault! I was not paying attention when this happened. And no kids were hurt either.

I didn't take photos of the last 'incident' which were frozen blueberries. Again, all my fault. I had deadline to meet. Was stuck in my office. And Caroline and Coco got into the big blues. It was a mess. I chose not to photograph. Ugggh. I had to cancel a get together with my Granny. Sorry Granny! It was a BAD moment!!

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