Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A home movie.

Claire had to prepare and read a speech in her grade three class earlier this year. She choose to write about her family. Cliff started taping her without anybody knowing. This video is a sneak peek into the life of our family. I love it! Always loud, but there is always love. And some crazy moments. Very crazy moments.

Like when Dora the Explorer got into the peanut butter and cream cheese. Right Caroline!!? Totally random, and a whole other day with many more stories and images just like this one!


Allyson said...

Although it was super hard to tell, Claire did a great job on her speech. I remember her practicing it when we were over.
The Family Circus aye, you've got to love it! xxx

Ams said...

Oh my goodness - these children... I love them SO much!!!
That front entrance flooring scares me with all the picking up of small people, the swinging around... hahaha
I remember the first time coming to the house and thinking eeeeeeeeeeek!!
Love it Cathy... just love your beautiful family :)